25 Reasons Babies Are Easier than Toddlers

by Shari Medini
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Toddlers are impossible to keep up with. They are always into trouble, always demanding and always on the move. Which is why I firmly believe that babies are easier than toddlers. Why?

1. Babies don’t insist on “helping” you.

2. Babies don’t empty the toy box 25 times a day.

3. Babies can’t take off their pants… and their diaper.

4. Babies don’t smear food on every surface of your house.

5. Babies don’t throw a fit when you try to help them.

6. Babies are a piece of cake to carry compared to a 20 pound toddler.

7. Babies don’t climb on the table.

8. Babies don’t steal their brothers’ toys.

9. Baby poop doesn’t smell like port-a-potty potpourri.

10. Babies don’t require a pantry full of snacks.

11. Babies don’t play in the toilet.

12. Babies nap. A lot.

13. Babies can’t flip over and run away mid diaper change.

14. Babies don’t run into your room in the middle of the night.

15. Babies don’t insist on playing in the sandbox.

16. Babies eat and like the same food every single day.

17. Babies don’t have teeth that you need to brush.

18. Babies don’t try to drink your coffee.

19. Babies are not faster than you.

20. Babies don’t have the strength to bruise you.

21. Babies don’t color on the walls.

22. Babies don’t think your tampons are brightly wrapped candy.

23. Babies don’t beg for annoying TV shows.

24. Babies can’t open the front door.

25. Babies don’t know that cookies are worth screaming for.

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