OMG, This Baby Feeding His Mom Fries While She Nurses Him Is Everything

Image via Facebook/Breastfeeding Mama Talk

Video of a baby feeding his mom french fries while she breastfed is the biggest gem

Not all superheroes wear capes. If you want proof of that, I’d like to turn your attention to this very thoughtful baby who fed his mom french fries while she breastfed him. Because damnit she deserved it.

Back in 2016, Paula Goodwin, a mom based in Charleston, South Carolina, was breastfeeding her son Zachery at a Mexican food restaurant when he decided to make the process a little bit more fun for her.

“During nursing I noticed he started shoving what I thought were his fingers or some other gross object that does not belong in the human mouth into my mouth,” she tells TODAY. “But when I realized what he was actually doing, I asked my sister, Traci, who was with us to see if she could catch some of it on camera. And the rest is history!”

Goodwin’s video of the dreamy fast food moment was picked up by the Breastfeeding Mama Talk page and swiftly went viral, pulling in more than two million views and lots and lots of comments. People applauded Zachery for his solid teamwork and time-management skills. They also complained that their baby has shown ZERO initiative when it comes to shoving tasty food into their mouths while they breastfeed.

Goodwin says she’s so touched by all of the responses she’s gotten from mothers.

“I feel when mothers see this it will strike a nerve just due to the many levels of breastfeeding it touches on,” she said. “As simple as it is, you can still kind of get the feeling of what a nursing mother goes through; the tired nights, rushed, cold meals, and the hope that your selflessness will live on and not go unnoticed by your children.”

Also, Goodwin added, her son has gone from a generous fries feeder to a pint-sized gentleman (very unsurprising).

“He opens doors and always makes sure I walk ahead of him,” she said. “He absolutely knows the meaning of ‘ladies first’ and maybe it started that day in the restaurant?!”