15 Squeal-Worthy Baby Costumes

by Joanna McClanahan
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baby costumes
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It’s that time of year when the air begins to chill, the leaves fall, and we get to collectively squeal over babies in costumes. They’re here, and they’re dressed up as characters, animals, and food.

Be prepared to talk your ovaries off the ledge because we found some of the cutest baby costume ideas ever. This is not a drill.

1. This baby Harry Potter is sure to cast a spell on you.

2. This teeny, tiny Jedi proves you’re never too little to love “Star Wars.”

3. These little ladies want to know if you got your $5 birthday check and hope you didn’t spend it all in one place.

4. This little guy is just a hunk, a hunk of burnin’ love.

5. Everyone knows ladies can’t resist a dude with a beard. (Substitute the pretend ax with a tiny bottle of kombucha, and he becomes a little hipster.)

6. Is this not the most adorable unicorn you’ve ever seen?

7. WHO looks cuter than this owl?

8. Or THIS owl?

9. Or this tiny skunk in tiny sneakers?! (Bonus: You can play his dirty diaper off as part of the costume.)

10. Turn your crawler into a cute and creepy crawler with this spider costume.

11. Or capture their deliciousness by dressing them up as cotton candy.

12. Want to keep the baby in a carrier? Dress them up as popcorn!

13. Or this donut, who does not look amused.

14. This baby is surprisingly close to the actual size of a Chipotle burrito.

15. And here we have a baby in a taco costume, which is a combination of my two favorite things.

There you have it, some of the most squeal-worthy costumes for the littlest members of your family. If I ever have another baby, I think I’ll dress them up every day of the year, just because I can.


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