Baby Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 – Best Costumes For Babies

16 Adorable Baby Halloween Costumes You Can Buy Online

October 8, 2019 Updated September 14, 2020

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Baby Halloween costumes are so freaking adorable, it’s almost frightening how many swoon-worthy options there are these days. Let’s face it: Baby’s first October 31st is less about Baby, and more about Mommy finding and securing the most aw-dorable costume on the shelf (or the web). And it’s not just about a cute photo op, either — a picture of Baby in their Halloween costume could be holiday card potential, work as a birth announcement, or, better yet, Insta click-bait.

But here’s the predicament when it comes to choosing the best Halloween costume for your baby: Your bundle of joy is so itty-bitty, they can’t relay their interests for no reason other than the fact that they have none. Your kiddo could care less who they’re dressing up as, or what jar of food gets dropped into their jack-o-lantern bucket. As long as a warm bottle is in their near future, they’re content. Plus, since this Halloween is looking very different, thanks to COVID-19, you’re most likely going to be spending it inside, eating candy, and watching scary movies. But just because you may not be going anywhere, doesn’t mean you can’t still dress up — you’ll still want pictures for your photo album/phone after all! 

So what’s a mama to do? How’s a mama to choose? To help narrow down your options, we’ve rounded up some of the cutest baby Halloween costumes available online right now.

Fenbo Baby Yoda Infant Costume

It’s Baby Yoda! Aka, everyone’s favorite character this year (and some of last). There’s no doubt so many parents are going to be dressing their babies as Baby Yoda, so get this before it sells out! We love that this costume is hand-woven, so it really feels authentic. Plus, it’s made of 100% cotton, so your little one stays nice and comfy.

$39.20 AT AMAZON

Captain Marvel Baby Costume

Available in sizes 0-18 months, dress your little up as Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel! Honestly, we wouldn’t blame you if this was your baby’s daily uniform, too.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

BuzzBearStudio Nissin Licensed Ramen Baby Costume

Oh look, it’s our dinner staple from college! Dress your baby up in this ramen costume, made of 100% cotton.

$52.50 AT ETSY

Rubie's Baby Wonderwoman Costume

Wonderwoman will undoubtedly be one of the most popular costumes for all ages, considering Wonder Woman 1984 is supposed to come out this year *fingers crossed*. We love this costume because it’s long-sleeved, so if you’re experiencing a chilly Halloween, you don’t have to worry about keeping Baby warm.


ChuchisBabyBoutique Ice Cream Baby Costume

Made from a Carters bodysuit, this ice cream costume is super soft and long-sleeved, which is perfect if it’s a colder Halloween this year.


Baby Jack from Incredibles Costume

It’s baby Jack from The Incredibles! Note, this does not come with fire, lazers, or cookies. Or unsuspecting raccoons.

$23.73 AT AMAZON

SonsofallCreations Starbucks Baby Costume

Even though you could probably DY this yourself with a white onesie, some cardboard, and green felt, it’s sooo much easier to just order this online and be done with it. Best of all? You can match with Baby by holding your very own (real) Starbucks latte in hand. Genisu!


Princess Paradise Rose the Riveter Baby/Toddler Costume

Perfect for all sizes up to two years, this Rosie the Riveter costume is an easy onesie that’s empowering *and* adorable.

$23.99 AT AMAZON

Disney Ewok Baby Costume

Aside from Baby Yoda, Ewoks are the cutest characters in Star Wars, so it makes perfect sense to dress up you LO as an Ewok. Gotta start their love of Star Wars young!


Baby Unicorn 2-4T Toddler Halloween Costume

This toddler-sized costume is perfect for the little unicorn in your life. Or just a toddler who really, really loves unicorns (and what kid doesn’t? Honestly what person doesn’t?)


Princess Paradise Baby Girls’ Premium Laura The Lamb

Is there anything sweeter than Princess Paradise’s Premium Laura the Lamb Halloween costume for babies? Your little bundle of joy will look angelic in this four-piece outfit complete with bubble body, hood, and chenille feet covers. Just be aware of the weather report on October 31, because this bodysuit definitely isn’t made for cool conditions. Add a long-sleeved shirt and tights for good measure if the foreseeable forecast is chilly.

$37.99 AT AMAZON

Rubie’s Elvis Presley Onesie Baby Costume

Austin Butler might have just snagged the role of Elvis in the anticipated 2021 biopic, but on October 31, 2019, it’ll be your baby who portrays the king. Clad in the classic white suite with popped collar, you’ll be saying “thank you, thank you very much” on repeat with all the compliments you’ll receive over this hilarious baby Halloween costume. Pro tip from the reviewers: Size up. 

$39.99 AT AMAZON

Cuddle Club Funzies Fleece Baby Bunting Onesie Dino Jacket

As far as we’re concerned, Cuddle Club’s Dino Onesie is the best onesie because it’s unisex, comes in four different colors (green, grey/black, purple/green, and pink/grey), and can easily blend into the pajama drawer after Oct. 31. Plus, because this baby Halloween costume is made with durable fleece, it’ll likely be warm enough to wear as-is while trick-or-treating (but of course pack a jacket just in case).

$29.99 AT AMAZON

InCharacter Lil’ Lion Infant Costume

Any Wizard of Oz fans out there? InCharacter’s Lil’ Lion, tail bow and all, reminds us of Dorothy’s furry friend, only this king of the jungle is anything but cowardly; it’s cuddly, sweet, and full of giggles. The costume itself isn’t exactly heavy, but it’s made from polyester, and with a lot of different pieces involved, can get very warm, very fast.

$44.46 AT AMAZON

Carter’s Little Avocado Halloween Costume

Avocados are in high demand because they’re delish and taste better than butter on toast. Evidently, avocados are also adorable as Halloween costumes, so if your baby is going to pose as a fruit this year, you might as well make it this little green guy from Carter’s. Complete with avocado jumpsuit, white long-sleeved shirt, and green striped socks, it’s all you avo wanted for your baby’s Halloween costume. 

$26.40 AT AMAZON

Leg Avenue Where the Wild Things Are Baby Max Costume

There’s a wild thing in every growing babe; some just hide it better than others. (Until sugar’s involved; then all bets are off.) Unleash your little one’s inner beast on Halloween night with this majestic costume straight out of Maurice Sendak’s imagination. There’s really nothing monstrous about Leg Avenue’s cozy onesie. In fact, it’s multi-faceted. It can pass for a birthday suit or winter pajamas.


$59.99 AMAZON

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