Wondering How To Talk To Your Kids About Baby-Making? Madge The Vag Has Some Answers.


Wondering How To Talk To Your Kids About Baby-Making? Madge The Vag Has Some Answers.

by Christine Organ
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Here are parenting tips for when your kid asks, “where do babies come from?”

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When your children start to ask uncomfortable questions, it’s hard to know what to say. Thankfully, Madge the Vag sat down with pediatrician Dr. TJ Gold to find out the best responses to the question “where do babies come from?” If “you want to tell them the truth about childbirth, here’s some helpful advice.”

“Ask Then Tell” – Let your child ask you questions and answer them directly. Educate them but keep it simple. Make sure to use age appropriate language and not over explain. For example, if you child asks “do you have a baby in your belly” explain that a baby grows in a uterus.

Be honest but not too honest. Sometimes oversharing is not caring. Again, wait to see what their questions are before you give more information than they were looking for. A simple answer might be [remove] satisfy their curiosity.

For more helpful tips and tricks, watch Dr. Gold’s interview with Madge the Vag.

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