We're Convinced None Of This Season's Contestants Have Ever Seen 'The Bachelor'

by Christina Marfice
Bachelor Nation on ABC/Youtube

The battle for Bachelor Peter’s heart is heating up, but so is all the drama

Peter Weber and the 12 women still competing for his heart headed to Costa Rica for last night’s episode, and along with their bikinis and their ballgowns, they brought all the drama that’s been stewing all season. If this season of The Bachelor is starting to give you some drama fatigue, you’re definitely not alone. Watching part one of this week’s two-part special has us wondering: Have any of these people ever even watched the show before?

Yes, there’s always drama on The Bachelor. But this season is taking it to levels we’ve never seen before. #Champagnegate (which is still being brought up on the show four episodes later)? Kelsey’s alleged “emotional instability?” The rose ceremony that turned into a “mini cocktail party,” as Lexi very bitterly put it? At the end of a three-hour episode, viewers were left wondering if anyone outside of Sydney and Kelley, who had one-on-one dates, made any strides in their relationship with Peter, because all we saw on TV was the drama.

Peter, who is supposed to be the star of the season, hardly seems to get any screen time at all. That’s all taken up with petty fights amongst his contestants, who definitely seem more worried about feuding with each other than finding love. What do they think happens on The Bachelor? Can we petition the producers to add a question to the casting process that finds out whether people have actually watched the show before they apply?

As much as we, Bachelor Nation, love the drama that comes with the show, this season, people are ready to focus on Peter and see him find love.

I mean, even Demi Burnett, who was the resident “mean girl” in the house during Colton’s season, has spoken. And she is also over it.

When it comes to reality TV, drama is a necessary component. But in past seasons, the drama has added to the storyline and made the whole show more fun to watch. Like Colton’s infamous fence jump, which happened because the girl he truly loved wasn’t sure about her feelings and wanted to leave The Bachelor. Or Arie Jr.’s post-finale switch, when he dumped winner Becca Kufrin so he could pursue Lauren Burnham. It was cringey AF to watch that moment play out, but ultimately, that drama was all about finding love — Arie and Lauren have been married for over a year and have a beautiful daughter now, and Becca went on to find love as the Bachelorette.

We’re not saying we’re not here for the drama. We just want drama that has to do with the heart of the show. We want to see relationships building and people falling in love. Now if someone could just let Peter’s contestants know.