Everything You’ll Need For Watching The Bachelor Finale

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This stuff will make your finale viewing party almost as much of a guilty pleasure as The Bachelor itself.

Whether it’s with a group of friends, or just you and your partner watching from home, most Bachelor fans know that they’ll be watching the finale in a few weeks. (Monday, March 11th to be exact.)

It’s been quite a season for one of my favorite shows. The bachelor himself, Colton, has been a bit underwhelming. (He appears to have the personality of sentient drywall.)

But there has been a lot of fighting to keep things interesting. Like with any of these shows, we love the drama. They’re trash shows, but they’re OUR trash shows.

So here are 15 things you’ll want for your Bachelor finale viewing party:

Silk Rose Petals

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These Silk Rose Petals are great decorations for your viewing party. Or you can let the guests “vote” for who should win, by having them put the petals in vases with the finalists’ names on them.

Rose Temporary Tattoos

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Rose Temporary Tattoos are fun party favors so that you can send everyone home with a rose of their own.

“Bubbly Bar” Banner

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This “Bubbly Bar” Banner is perfect to let your guests know where to find the booze, even if it’s not champagne.

“Off The Market” Wine Glass

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An “Off The Market” Wine Glass is stemless, and great if you’re married, engaged, or just want to support the new couple’s engagement.

Stemless Wine Glasses Set

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This Stemless Wine Glasses Set is an excellent investment if you’re going to have other drinkers at your viewing party.

Plastic Champagne Glasses

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Or if you’re worried about your friends drinking too much and breaking things, this 4-pack of Plastic Champagne Glasses will work brilliantly.

“Shit Just Got Real” Mug

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If dranking isn’t your thang, this “Shit Just Got Real” Mug is great for coffee or tea. And if you do like drinking, it’s perfect for coffee with Baileys.

“Wine, Bachelor, And Sweatpants” Tee

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A “Wine, Bachelor, And Sweatpants” Tee is perfect for letting people know exactly where your priorities are. And it has WAY more personality than Colton.

Rose Print Harem Pants

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These Rose Print Harem Pants are a great addition to your lounge-friendly outfit for your party, because cute rose print!

Bling Ring Pool Drink Holders

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These Bling Ring Pool Drink Holders are fun in and outside of the pool, and will add a little sparkle to any party.

Dessert Tower

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If you don’t want a Dessert Tower at your party, I’m not sure that I’d want to go to that party. Because any excuse for cupcakes is legit.

Faux Diamond Engagement Rings

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This set of 12 Faux Diamond Engagement Rings make great cupcake decorations. Or you can just hand them out at the party so everyone can feel the engagement love.

Engagement Photo Booth Props Kit

Image via Walmart

This Engagement Photo Booth Props Kit is everything. Are you even having a party these days without photo props and a selfie station?

Photo Backdrop

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And this Photo Backdrop (with adorable rose print) is the perfect addition for your selfie station.

“Bachelor Nation” Book

Image via Walmart

The NYT best-selling “Bachelor Nation” Book is great for your coffee table or for your guests to learn even more about the show we secretly love.

These are all great items for your Bachelor viewing party. You could also have a drinking game where you take a shot every time Colton says that his greatest fear is that he’ll end up with someone who won’t feel the same as he does at the end of all this. HAHA, just kidding, please don’t do that, you’ll hurt yourself.

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