10 Fun Drinking Games That Aren't Beer Pong For Your Next House Party

10 Super Fun Drinking Games (That Aren’t Beer Pong) For Your Next House Party

December 11, 2019 Updated October 21, 2020

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Drinking games are rarely about the alcohol consumed (although that’s pretty fun too) but mostly about the connection and enjoyment you share with the people who are partaking in the silly shenanigans. Fun drinking games are a great way to spice up any house party or friendly get-together, and while Beer Pong was okay to pass the time in college, there are a number of other drinking games that are just as LOL-worthy. Put a few witty drinking jokes in your back pocket just in case and enjoy some fun drinking games to play at your next soirée. Remember to drink responsibly.

1. Never Have I Ever 

This revealing game will help you get to know your friends more while also letting the booze flow. Start out with someone sharing something you’ve never done before. This can be anything from tame, like, “I’ve never have I ever been to Paris” to more salacious, like “I’ve never have ever had sex in the shower.”  The people who have done it will take a sip of their drink. The more embarrassing, the better!

2. Freeze

This is like the adult version of the childhood game we all grew up with. Tag someone as “it” and whenever they say “freeze” throughout the evening, everyone must also freeze in place. Whoever freezes last, or obviously flinches, has to take a shot or a large sip of their drink.

3. Keep a Straight Face 

This is a fun game whenever people start to get a little tipsy and keeping a straight face is next to impossible. On slips of paper, write out inappropriate and funny jokes, including ones about each other. Then each person picks up a piece of paper and reads it aloud. Whoever laughs has to take a shot or finish their drink.

4. Buffalo

Make the rule that everyone has to drink from their non-dominant hand at the beginning of the night (righties are lefties, and lefties are now righties). Whenever you spot someone drinking from their dominant hand is immediately called out with saying, “Buffalo.” Depending on the stakes made, the person caught must take a huge sip of their drink or a shot, or maybe even finish their drink.

5. Most Likely  

Sit in a circle and ask a “most likely” question. For example, “The person most likely to stay up and wash the dishes tonight” or “The person who most likely will remain single.” After counting to three, everyone points to the person who they think matches that description. The person who has the most fingers pointed at them has to take a sip of their drink. This is a good game to play with people who know each other well, although it can be interesting to play with strangers, too, and see what snap judgments you might have of each other.

6. Tequila 

This is a fun music game. Play the popular song, “Tequila,” and every time the word “tequila” is said, everyone in the room has to take a sip of their drink. This can be used for any song in your playlist that repeats one word numerous times like “Roxanne,” “Halo,” etc.

7. Attached at the Hip

This is a great ice breaker for strangers at a party. Prior to the party, write out various body parts (non X-rated) on slips of paper. For example, “legs,” “hips,” “hands,” and “shoulders.” At the beginning of the night, two strangers are paired together. Then they both select one slip of paper each, and they have to ensure those two body parts remain attached for either the rest of the night or the duration that you choose. The duo who breaks apart first, must finish their drinks.

8. Go Fish

It’s the childhood card game we all know and love with an adult twist. Dole out 5 cards to each player and just like a regular game of “Go Fish,” you’ll start by asking each player if they have your card of choice. If you say “yes,” you get to keep your drink. If you’re a “go fish,” you must take a sip.

9. Quick Questions

This is a rapid fire question-and-answer game. Guests sit in a circle with a member of the group beginning the game by asking a yes or no question to another player who must then answer without hesitation. If you hesitate answering the question, you must take a sip. If a question is repeated, the person asking the question must take a drink.

10. Bob 

This is a straightforward game with only one rule: you must add the name Bob to anyone’s name whenever you address them throughout the evening. For example, instead of saying ‘Ben, can you pass me the chips?’ you would have to say ‘Bob Ben, can you pass me the chips?’ Whenever you slip up, you must take a sip of your drink.


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