‘The Bachelor’ Will Be Doing Epic Recap Shows This Summer

The Bachelor' Will Be Doing Epic Recap Shows This Summer
John Salangsang/ABC

Get ready, Bachelor Nation: There’s another new (sort of?) show coming your way

Worried about the Bachelorette-sized hole the coronavirus shutdown left in your heart? Have no fear; Chris Harrison is here to save the day. The pandemic has put a temporary kibosh on Clare Crawley’s debut as the next rose-giver, and we’re still awaiting word on Bachelor in Paradise’s fate. But benevolent reality TV dating host that he is, Harrison isn’t going to leave us hanging all summer. Enter, The Bachelor: The Most Unforgettable – Ever!

Let us walk this back for a minute to clear up any confusion. After all, it would only be natural to feel discombobulated by the flurry of Bachelor franchise news lately. We’re in the midst of the first-ever season of The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart. And we’ve all heard talk of a potential senior citizen Bachelor spinoff. So, what makes this summer’s addition to the roster different? Per Variety, The Most Unforgettable will be a “retrospective greatest hit series.”

Don’t balk just yet. Sure, this means most diehard members of Bachelor Nation will be rewatching moments they’ve already seen before. But, c’mon, the franchise has been around for roughly one zillion years now (real-time: 18 years). There are bound to be moments you don’t remember or drama that will delight your heart to revisit.

Set to premiere on June 8, the recap show will revisit some of the franchise’s most iconic moments across 10 episodes. And these aren’t just any episodes. They’re each three-hours-long! That’s a whole lotta Harrison, and you know what? We’re not mad at it.

If nothing else, the stage is set for a truly epic drinking game. Take a shot every time Harrison promises something is the “most dramatic.” Take a shot every time the series flashes back to a one-on-one with Harrison. On second thought, this might not be the most sound idea.

“We really wanted to give Bachelor Nation something to watch, and immediately, there was this clamoring and desire from our fans to watch old seasons,” Harrison told Variety, revealing that fans actually pitched the idea on Twitter.

In addition to replaying past moments, the new series will also give fans a “deeper investment in her season” via video chats with the next Bachelorette, plus footage from her original season starring the notorious Juan Pablo Galavis. Spoiler alert? Other fan favorites from seasons past will pop up in virtual chats, too.

And as you might expect, the entire series will be cued up in a socially-distancing safe way. Harrison will make the short five-minute drive from his L.A.-area home to the Bachelor Mansion driveway. There, a skeleton crew will film to minimize any safety risks.

So, bring on the quarantine-appropriate summer drama content, please! We’re ready to relive the best Bachelor franchise moments.