'The Bachelorette' Finale: No Engagement!

by Christina Marfice
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Ugh, The Bachelorette finale gave everyone emotional whiplash

(Warning: MAJOR Bachelorette spoilers ahead, do not read until you’ve seen the finale.)

Welp, anyone who watched this season of The Bachelorette could have seen this one coming: Jed is a fuckboy. But before we learned that, Hannah sent us on an emotional rollercoaster none of us deserved.

Viewers were shocked during the first part of the finale, when Hannah sent Peter home. And then they were even more shocked during Part Two, when she stopped Tyler C. mid-proposal and sent him packing, only to say “yes” to Jed. Who sang her a cringey song, because of fucking course he did.


Before the finale aired, we all saw the headlines. Jed’s pre-show girlfriend, Haley Stevens, came forward, revealing that he had taken her to the Bahamas for her birthday, said “I love you,” and spent his last night before leaving for filming with her, promising he was going on the show just to promote his music career and that he’d be back for her. He did not go back for her. In fact, he never officially broke things off with Stevens, whom he maintains was not his “official” girlfriend (???) — he just ghosted her after getting engaged to Hannah. Hoo boy.

On the second night of the finale, we got to see this all come to light as Hannah learned the dirty details of Jed’s past from a People magazine article. Apparently, he had told her about Stevens, but skipped the whole part about them being in a relationship and said they were just “hanging out” before the show. What did we tell you? Fuckboy.

Naturally, fans of the show were getting some emotional whiplash as this whole situation played out.

First, we saw sweet, feminist angel Tyler get sent home, and our hearts broke.

Then, our hearts were welded back together by white hot rage when Hannah allowed Jed the Fuckboy to propose and said yes.

But it was OK, because after that joke of a proposal, we got to watch Jed’s fuckboy ways blow up in his face! Hannah had another powerful queen moment as she confronted him and then took off the ring he gave her and it was iconic.

I mean, it kind of sucked because Hannah is so sweet and genuine and she deserves love. On the other hand, between this and all the drama with Luke P., it turns out she picks terrible men. But also THANK GOD she didn’t end up with Jed. She can do so much better.

The finale could have ended on that kind of bummer note, with Hannah revealing that she’s single once again. But then, Tyler came out for his post-show interview.

ABC/John Fleenor

He sat on the couch next to Hannah and… SHE ASKED HIM OUT AND HE SAID YES!!!

Whew. Anyway, that was a wild ride. See y’all in paradise!

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