Why Back-To-School Shopping Gives Us All Of The Feels

Why Back-To-School Shopping Gives Us All Of The Feels

August 8, 2019 Updated August 23, 2019

walking to school
damircudic / Getty Images

As another summer comes to an end, and we start preparing for the school year, I find myself wishing we had a little more time.

It’s not that I don’t want to see you go off to school to learn new things, make new friends, and become more mature. It’s just that every back-to-school season is a reminder that one day you’re going to be heading out on your own and, well, I’m going to miss you.

I’ll never forget helping you get ready for kindergarten. We walked through Staples, our cart overflowing with notebooks and pencils, crossing things off of your Teacher’s supply list, making sure we didn’t forget a thing. You were so excited! I was, too, but also a little nervous.

I was concerned that the school day would feel long for you, and I was hoping that you’d make friends. I worried that I wouldn’t pack a big enough lunch, or that you’d miss me and feel sad. What if you got hurt on the playground during recess? Or if the lessons were too hard?

Now I know that I didn’t have any reason to be concerned. You walked into that school, with your backpack that was nearly as big as you were, and rocked it from day one. Years later, you continue to do your very best.

I’m so proud of you.

Maybe that’s why I have all of the feels when we do our back-to-school shopping: You’re growing up right before my eyes.

You don’t need me to navigate through the stores. You can do it on your own now. Walking behind you as you cruise through the aisles, carefully choosing the perfect pencil case and backpack. I’m struck at how sure you are about what you want and need to be successful this school year.

Even though I’m reluctant to admit it, you’ve got this. You don’t need me to lead you anymore; you just need my support. You’re growing up so fast, and I wish time would slow down just a little.

Of course, you still look to me when we get to the register to pay. I’m grateful for any reason for you to still need me. Mama will take what she can get!

This year, you can’t wait for the new responsibilities of being in a higher grade. There are more obligations, and the expectations are bigger, but you don’t seem scared at all.

When did you become so brave? Where does your confidence come from? Nothing about the upcoming school year seems to scare you, and I am totally in awe of that.

Your confidence inspires me.

On the first day of school, I wonder if I’ll get a big hug when I drop you off at school like when you were in kindergarten. Will you look back and wave? After school, will you tell me everything about your teacher and your classmates, pulling papers out of folders, eager to share what you worked on?

I really hope so. But if you don’t, that’s okay. I know that you’re growing up, and as you get older, what you’ll need from me will be different than what you needed when you first started school.

As much as things are changing, though, just know that one thing will always be true: From kindergarten to college and beyond, I’ll always be here to support you, no matter what.

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