Back To School Expectation vs. Reality

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Ah, Back to School. Whether it’s your first time or your tenth, you probably have a Pinterest-worthy picture in your mind of how it’s going to go: kids up on time, backpack packed with fresh supplies, hot breakfast, cute photos by the front door, and a flawless on-time arrival.

A chalk board will probably be involved.

If you’re one of Those People Who Actually Pulls It Off, kudos to you, friend.

But while you’re cruising down Easy Street, some of us will be flooring it down Hot Mess Highway, yelling for everybody to hang on.

As we all know, expectations don’t always match reality.


Waking Up


After a restful ten hours of sleep (because you’ve been incrementally moving bedtime up for the past two weeks, right?), kids wake up – on time! – with a “let’s do this!” attitude.


Barking dog? Car alarm? First day jitters? Inability to fall asleep early after staying up late all summer? Whatever the reason, there’s a better than average chance that one of your kids is going to get a total of two hours of sleep the night before school starts.

First Day Pics


After a calm, drama-free collaboration, you and your child agree on the perfect outfit. You carefully lay it out the night before. No one changes their mind while lying awake all night. You take a couple of photos to mark the big day. Smiles all around!

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(Pro tip: stage a do-over the next morning. Literally NO ONE will ever know.)



You know how TV commercials for breakfast cereals always show a huge spread with a voice-over saying, “a part of this nutritious breakfast”? Well, you’re gonna make ALL THE PARTS of this nutritious breakfast. A breakfast so pretty you’ll post to Instagram.


You’re going to pull out of the driveway and realize you forgot breakfast. Instead of hitting the drive-thru, you’ll hit that “just in case” bag you keep handy for a couple GoGo squeeZ pouches along with a few granola bars and toss ‘em into the backseat (because there are some things you are just not compromising on). Sure, it may not be Instaworthy, but you’re winning this one, sister.

Drop Off


You’ll tearfully walk back to the car, where you’ll sit and reflect on all the fun things you and your kids did over the summer, and how much you’ll miss them being at home every day.


Sometimes good enough is good enough.

So even though it may not look exactly like you pictured it, if they’re fully dressed, they’ve eaten something with ingredients you can pronounce, and they’re safely inside the school building, it’s time to celebrate.

And hey, there’s always next year.

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