Whoever Made These Parenting Memes From Hell Does Not Have Kids

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Some super judgy parenting memes are making their way around Facebook

There are some new parenting memes circulating wildly around the internet, and if you’ve managed to avoid them — sorry for dragging you down the rabbit hole. The series is titled “Bad Parenting,” and it aims to illustrate how all of the shitty behavior your kids exhibit is actually your fault.

The memes were posted to a music fan page and have been shared almost 300,000 times. Here’s hoping some of these shares are from people who are as confused as we are.

Let’s discover why every bad thing your kids do is actually your fault.

Look at your kids! Look at them. All day. Don’t stop engaging them, ever.

Don’t discipline your kids when they do something wrong because they will turn into little lying liars.

Once again, no more discipline, you monster. If they do something wrong and another human is around, don’t correct them — just reference it later, because that won’t confuse them at all.

LOL, what? Okay, now I’m starting to think this is a joke. This is a joke, right?

Don’t discipline, but also don’t help. Just don’t do anything. Remain very still.

Just to recap, don’t discipline, don’t help too much, don’t shoot lightning bolts from your head, do praise.

Blargh. I’m lost.

Most of the commenters are lost, too. But there are plenty of people rallying around the premise of memes:

“Can you all get your heads out of your asses for long enough to even just CONSIDER that maybe some of your viewpoints are inaccurate and that maybe just MAYBE the people who study the ways that children’s minds develop might have a better insight into these things than you do?”

No. We can’t. Also, shut up.

Maybe, just maybe, these memes were meant to be sarcastic, created to illustrate how ridiculous parental guilt is? All signs point to “no,” but we can hope.


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