The Struggle Is No Longer Real: You Can Now BBQ Without Mystery Meat

The Struggle Is No Longer Real: You Can Now BBQ Without Mystery Meat

Sponsored by Oscar Mayer

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Sponsored by Oscar Mayer

What smells better than smoky meats? NOT A DANG THING. If I could bottle the smell of porterhouse and wear it as cologne, I’d be hit on every time I went out in public. So if you’re like me and your neighborhood smells delicious on weekend afternoons this time of year, it’s time to stop smelling and get grillin’.

So what are the best meats for the grill?

Hot Dogs!

This one is a trusted favorite for all ages. My personal preference is the simple and easy plain dog, lightly scorched. My husband prefers them heated but unburned, and our kid likes them in any form from cold from the pack all the way to totally black on the outside. And now that every single Oscar Mayer hot dog no longer has any artificial preservatives in the meat or by-products, I can go back to my favorite dogs as well. GET ON MY GRILL AND IN MY BELLY!


There is no way to go wrong with beef. Whether you choose to grill a straight up simple burgers (quick tip: make your burgers ridiculously delicious by mixing in a packet of dried onion soup mix YOU’RE WELCOME), or going full out steaks, you cannot choose badly. Personally I love a good fatty steak like a porterhouse on the grill because when the fat drips on the flames you get the BEST flavor imaginable. Wait, what was I talking about? Right. You can go lean with filet and sirloin too if you want, but where’s the fun in that? We’re talking GRILLING, PEOPLE.



Oh, the smell of roasted barbeque chicken, am I right? Always a hit with folks wanting to avoid red meat, you must include some chicken at your cookout. Just remember to be a bit cautious as chicken can dry out easily, particularly white meat. You might want to try brining before you grill—it will transform your grilled chicken so much it might be almost as good as a grilled steak. Almost.



I know, right? Bacon on a grill? Let me just say: YES! I cannot express to you enough how incredibly delicious grilled bacon is, and if you grill it first it will add a smoky bacon flavor to everything you grill the rest of the day! I’d recommend buying a slab yourself or getting VERY thick cut bacon and grill it up. Add in good bread, tomatoes, lettuce, and mayo (or, my favorite, slices of avocado instead of mayo) and you’ve got the world’s finest BLT. For taste nirvana, I recommend wrapping up an Oscar Mayer hot dog with bacon and grilling it as well — with some spicy mustard and a high-quality roll, you’ve got one heck of a delicious dog there, son. Your neighbors might even try to steal yer grill!

So there you have it. Get some meat and set it on fire, folks. You won’t regret it. Meanwhile, I need to go get a snack.


Oscar Mayer is changing every hot dog for the better. Now you can enjoy the great taste you’ve always loved, with no artificial preservatives in all their meat. Why? For the love of hot dogs.