The Bedtime Ritual: One Reason Moms Deserve A Good Night's Sleep

The Bedtime Ritual: One Reason Moms Deserve A Good Night’s Sleep

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Sponsored by GoodNites

Ahh, the bedtime ritual. It’s so nice to wind down at the end of a long day with your kids, isn’t it? Bathe them? Get them in their pj’s? Read them a story? Is there anything more relaxing than that?

Ha. As it turns out, tax season may be more relaxing than bedtime. The bedtime ritual is the most exhausting part of a parent’s day. And it’s why we deserve a good night’s sleep after it’s all said and done.

First, we have pajama time. What is it about toddlers and pajamas? Why do they act like you’re covering them with a swarm of bees, or hot lava, or something they must escape? At bedtime, you truly learn how flexible your child can be. How is it possible for legs to even bend that way? I would go to weddings in my pajamas if it was socially acceptable, but for my toddler it’s torture. You may find yourself sweating and crying by the time your child has their pj’s on. And you wouldn’t be alone.

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Then there’s the teeth-brushing. They either hate it with a passion, and it takes you 10 minutes to convince them to do it, or love it so much they want to do it forever. Either way, you’re waiting.

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Now it’s time to convince them they have to use the bathroom one more time before bed. Let’s face it, daily laundry is no fun, and nighttime wetting is common. Even if you actually get them to use the bathroom, you may want some backup, because for many kids, staying dry at night can take a while. Pro-tip: A stack of GoodNites Bedtime Pants should live in your bathroom during these fun and formative years.

Then comes story time, the most indecisive part of a child’s day. They will inevitably change their mind about the story they want to hear. Several times. Did I say several? I meant dozens. Better prepare your negotiation skills over exactly how many stories constitute “one more.” (Hint: probably not one.) And what happens when you get to the last page of the book? Again, Mommy! Please?!

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Eventually, that magical moment finally arrives, when you look down and they’re sleeping like a little angel. That adorable little cherubic face makes the troubles of the last hour disappear…almost. But it’s now that you must become stealth — like a ninja — and attempt to extricate yourself from their room. Careful not to trip on a random Lego, activate some battery-operated animal noise, or make any sounds at all.

And this is all done every, single, night.

That’s why it’s so comforting to know GoodNites exist. After all of that, you deserve to comfortably sleep through the night. And so does your little indecisive, dental hygiene-loving, pajama-hating toddler.

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