Ben Affleck Proves He's Not A Catfish To Dating App Match In Viral TikTok

by Madison Vanderberg
Kurt Krieger/Corbis/Getty

Ben Affleck sends a selfie video to a woman he matched with on a dating app to prove it was really him and not a catfish

Ben Affleck, like all single people in the year 2021, uses dating apps. However, unlike us normies, famous people have to deal with the fact that some people on the internet tend to use famous people’s faces to make fake dating app profiles and catfish poor, unsuspecting daters. Well, Ben Affleck aka Batman, is having none of that. A woman that Affleck matched with online shared the “proof of life” video that Affleck sent her to prove that she really was texting with him and not an imposter.

“Sorry Ben,” Nivine Jay, an influencer, wrote in a TikTok video on May 3rd, 2021 where she shared the video Affleck sent her.

The story is that Affleck and Jay allegedly matched with one another on Raya, an exclusive dating apps used by celebs and like, micro-influencers and other “internet famous people.” Jay apparently could not believe that she actually matched with Affleck and assumed it was a catfish, so she “unmatched” with Affleck’s account.

Affleck allegedly found Jay’s Instagram (she has almost 20k followers, so it’s not that creepy), and sent her a selfie video asking her, “Nivine, why did you unmatch me? It’s me.”

That “it’s me,” is not a pompous, “How could you unmatch the great Ben Affleck?” but rather, “Hello ma’am, I think you mistakenly believed that someone online was posing as me, but that’s not true, it’s me, the real Ben Affleck.” It’s just so earnest, it hurts. He just seems so… baffled by the whole thing, but like, chill?

I wonder if Affleck and Jay will ever go on that date now that she knows he’s the real deal or if Affleck is upset that she revealed his dating app habits to the world. Though, let’s be real, we all knew that Affleck was back on the dating scene, the dude isn’t exactly discreet.

Affleck was recently “spotted” spending time with his ex-fiancé Jennifer Lopez, who is also now single since her split from Alex Rodriquez.

According to Page Six he was spotted being shuttled around the Bel Air area nearby J.Lo’s home in a white SUV believed to be owned by Jennifer Lopez, so interpret that how you will.

Affleck’s last public relationship was with actress Ana de Armas.

Affleck and Armas dated for almost the entire pandemic, a year, and we only knew they were together because they were constantly photographed getting Dunkin’ Donuts. Tbh, they were photographed so frequently with those iced coffees that you had to wonder if they were really dating or just being paid by Dunkin’?

BG004/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Anyway, good luck out there, Ben — now everyone knows it’s really you on Raya!