5 Benefits Of Having A Baby Shortly After Your Mother Had A Baby

by Katarina Garcia
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Courtesy of Katrina Garcia

When my son was born, his twin uncles were only one year old.

I didn’t see it at the time, but having a baby only two years after my mother has its many perks. At first, I was worried that my mother couldn’t provide for my son like any other grandmother could, because she was busy raising her own young children—but I couldn’t have been more wrong. My mother decided to go through “round two” of motherhood when she was 39 years old and newly remarried. She conceived twin boys through in-vitro fertilization, and they were born in May of 2016. Shortly after, I became pregnant with my son and gave birth in April of 2018. Sure, it seems like something out of Father of the Bride Part II, but having a son shortly after my mother has been such a beautiful blessing. Here are some of the ways having a baby right after your mother can be amazing.

1. I have a great babysitter.

Having a young mother who has twins of her own means I have a very highly qualified babysitter. She still knows how to change a diaper and how to swaddle effectively. She’s aware of all the new strains of the flu and has her house baby proofed to the max. I don’t have to worry about her falling asleep on the job or giving my baby too much sugar. She knows all the dos and don’ts of motherhood and isn’t going to overstep any boundaries. She is also a nurse, so she is equipped with a load of knowledge on first aid. She is the perfect babysitter.

2. My mother actually has relevant tips and tricks.

Courtesy of Katrina Garcia

As an active mother, my mom is aware of a lot of useful tips and tricks in today’s age. She knew about some useful baby gadgets I should get before the baby was born and knows all the best channels on YouTube for children. She has always given me valuable advice throughout every stage of my son’s life. Her sons will have just finished a certain stage when my son enters it, so she always has great tips and tricks up her sleeve. Most other mothers would only have their archaic ways of parenting, but my mom has an updated view on it all. She is totally relevant.

3. My son’s uncles are built-in playmates.

Being that we are a one-and-done family, it’s great to know my son will always have his uncles to play with. They are only two years apart and get along amazingly. As they get older, the three of them will share life’s ups and downs together. I imagine them being three peas in a pod as they grow up. I can totally see them going out together and being each other’s wingmen as they get older. I know they’ll throw each other the best bachelor parties and offer each other support when they need it. I just know they’re going to have so much fun growing up together.

4. The hand-me-downs!


The best thing about the hand-me-downs is that they never end. As my little brothers get older, they will continue to outgrow their clothes and pass them on to my son. And let’s not forget the toys either. Toys are always a great hand-me-down, given how expensive some of the newer toys are. Also, I get two of everything, so that’s double the clothes. I can keep an exact replica of my son’s outfit in his baby bag, should he get dirty, and no one will ever know. Before my baby was born, I was given a swing, a natural wood glider, and an expensive “smart sock.” All these items totaled well over $500, but I got them for free. Even though they’re used, I at least know my mother took great care of these items while they were in her possession.

5. My mom is my “mommy friend.”

Making mommy friends can be hard, but it’s so essential. It definitely helps maintain your sanity. However, going out to the park or joining a Facebook group of strangers to me seems daunting. I consider myself to be pretty shy, and making new friends isn’t always easy for me. Lucky for me, I have the best mom friend anyone could ask for: my actual mom! We can go on play dates together, swap ideas, and just vent about the struggles of motherhood. Best of all, I know she will always be there for me. Friends come and go, but a mom does not. She was already my best friend before I became a mother, but now we’re even closer.

I know this family dynamic is pretty rare, but if you find yourself having a baby shortly after your own mother — or any family member, for that matter — do not panic. You’ll still have your spotlight, and your baby will still get the attention they deserve. There are so many benefits to having someone who is going through what you’re going through at the exact same time. You’ll have a shoulder to cry on and a person who truly understands you and won’t judge you. Even with a supportive partner, motherhood can be hard going at it alone. So take advantage of the other mommies in your family.

Motherhood is a beautiful thing to share … especially when you get to share it with your own mom.

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