These Kids' Signs From The March For Science Will Give You Hope For The Future

by Sarah Hosseini
Image via Instagram/rsandwich

The future scientists stole the show at the March for Science

Tens of thousands of people rallied in large numbers on every continent yesterday to send a clear message: facts matter. The March For Science was dubbed a “celebration of science,” but it was also a proclamation of support for evidence-based facts.

The march in Washington D.C. and at similar demonstrations all over the world gave young science enthusiasts and their parents a chance to showcase their concerns for the future, amid the new administration’s unfriendly stance toward science and the environment.

Scientists and those who love science marched in the streets with some of the most brilliant signs because, smart people = smart signs (it’s science). Many geeky, nerdy parents also brought their cute mini-genius humans with them to protest. And if their great signs are any indication of what’s to come – our future is looking very bright.

Image via Pantsuit Nation/Serena Cerezo Poon

Image via Pantsuit Nation/Shannon Lynch Altamura

Image via Pantsuit Nation/Becca Rouse

Image via Pantsuit Nation/John B James

These kiddos and their kick-ass parents give us all hope that the future is not only smart, but committed to keeping our planet safe, at all costs. Kudos to the families who came out in support of facts, showing their kids the right way to get the message across.