Say So Long, Farewell To Clutter With These Easy Organizing Hacks And Tips

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Do you sometimes feel like your house could be on an episode of Hoarders — with human-sized unfolded piles of laundry, toys scattered in the most unlikely of places (what is that Elsa doll doing in the medicine cabinet?!) and paperwork piling up on every open surface? We’ve been there, and in fact, we’re probably right there right now.

While we can’t promise that these organizing tips will keep your house decluttered forever (especially if you have kids… and especially if those kids are toddlers!) But they’re definitely a good starting point on the road to turning your house from an episode of Hoarders into a home decor show on HGTV.

Slow and steady wins the race

We know you want this mess out right now! But finding a good solution that works for you takes a while and getting things thoroughly organized, not only looking for a quick fix. We know what it’s like to just want to shove a bunch of random unrelated items in a drawer just so you don’t see them, but if you want to declutter and keep decluttered, keep at it until everything has its place. If it takes days or even weeks to declutter one room, that’s totally fine. The Container Store also suggests only decluttering one room at a time.

Get rid of everything

Ok, not everything. But the truth is that a lot of what’s causing all that clutter is stuff you don’t need. Marie Kondo suggests throwing away anything that doesn’t “spark joy.” Other experts say to get rid of anything you have not worn in the past year.We really recommend getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit you that you might be keeping in hopes that you will one day fit back into them (oh, those old jeans, we all have them!). Recycle what you can, give away what you can to charity or sell to a vintage or secondhand store (there’s nothing like making some extra $$$ from your clutter.)

Get a lot of organizers

From drawer organizers to file cabinets, to fancy shoeboxes, get what you need to store what you have!–JnyR8/

Add organizers and hangers in the back doors and sides of cabinets

Store pans, cleaning supplies, and other items on the backs of doors and sides of cabinets.

Make the entrance of your home the place where organization begins

Have a set place for people to put down their shoes, hang up their backpacks, put away wallets and keys at the entryway of your home.

Place dividers in your drawers

That way, every little thing has its place.

Make sure you can see everything you have

From labeled boxes, to see-through boxes, to keeping tabs of where everything you put away is, it’s important to be able to see what you have and where.

Keep digital copies instead of paper ones

From children’s drawings to important letters, scan them and keep them in a flash-drive instead of having piles and piles of papers unnecessarily clutter your house.

Get your family in on the game

Make folding laundry a family chore. Remind your kids picking up their toys and books is an important and fun part of finishing play time. Play an organizing game and make your kids (if they’re old enough) organize their toys and craft supplies. It will make both play and craft time easier for them too, after all!

Label everything

We do mean everything! Even different types of kids toys. Labels the shelves in your closet, bathroom and even kitchen drawers. Knowing and seeing where everything you need is and where everything you want to put away needs to be is a huge energy saver.

Fold things so that they’re visible

Choosing your morning outfit will be much easier when you see actually what clothes you have. Gone are the days of taking out half of your closet just to find your favorite shirt!

Put everything in your pantry in glass jars

Seeing what you have in your pantry will help you make sure that you cook what you have, so you don’t wind up buying 5 different bags of lentils because you can’t see that you already have one.

Utilize your wall space

There’s plenty of great organizers that hang on walls, that will create more storage space for your things and a way to make what you have easier to see. From the kitchen to the bathroom.

Get a pegboard

They’re great for organizing so many things!

Make a clipboard wall

It’s a great way to store important mail and paperwork that you need around. Here’s a great tutorial for how to make one.

Use the spaces under your beds and couches

Use these spaces to store seasonal clothing, holiday decorations and guest towels and linens. Make sure they’re in boxes and well labeled before you put them away. A good way to remember to take them out when you need them is to set a reminder on your phone for a time you might need (before you get houseguests, a few weeks before the holidays) the items with their location.

Invest in accent pieces

From vases and plants, to framed pictures, invest in pieces that will take the place of the clutter. After all, you’ve worked hard to organize, and you should treat yourself!

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