This New Dating App Lets Your BFF Swipe For You

by Thea Glassman
Image via Betches

Betches’ new dating app allows your best friends to do the swiping for you

Attention everybody who’s sick to death of dating apps (which, we assume, is literally everybody on dating apps). Betches started their very own free dating service called Ship, which invites best buds to swipe for each other. That means that your friends can help do some of annoying heavy lifting and they’ll probably stop you from chatting up that person who’s very cute but also VERY clearly wrong for you. So many wins all around.

Does this sound like a game changer? Do you suddenly feel less inclined to burn your phone and resign yourself to celibacy? Great. Now, here’s everything you need to know about Ship.

The app allows users to invite their friends onto their “crew.” Then, everybody can swipe at their own leisure, share potential matches, and discuss the people their friends have already matched with.

Image via Betches

So, it’s basically a big virtual campfire with your best buds that will (hopefully) make the app process a whole lot less icky and – dare we say it – a little bit more fun?

Image via Betches

In a letter introducing the new app, Betches’ co-founders Aleen Kuperman, Samantha Fishbein, and Jordana Abraham explain that they’re hoping to “bring social connection back to dating.” You know, so that you’re no longer alone, in bed, swiping through weird torso shots and guys who “like to go to the gym.” Ship beats out Tinder and Hinge and all those other apps because it “allows us to be there for our friends as they navigate the world of dating.”

“The chat makes it easy for your friends to discuss a match (and spot any red flags or hidden gems) before you commit to a date,” the Betches co-founders wrote. “Ship brings friends together, even if they’re at different places in life. If you’re in a relationship, but love playing matchmaker for your single friends, now you can make your own account and choose on their behalf.”

So, yes, your smug married friend who complains that you keep dating the wrong people can finally have her say. And your most sensible friend will gently guide you away from the person who has very nice dimples but you have nothing in common with. It’ll basically be like living our best Sex and the City lives, only online and not over a very expensive New York City brunch. I’ll be Miranda.

Here’s to a hopefully brand-new chapter in your dating app life. At the very least, it’ll probably stop you from giving up altogether and joining a convent.