Betty White Will Star In A Lifetime Christmas Movie

by Cassandra Stone
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Actress Betty White
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Betty White + Christmas is exactly the kind of news we all need right now

If your brain is in need of reprieve from endless depressing news, please look no further. Because American treasure Betty White is going to be starring in a Lifetime Christmas movie and honestly, this is the delightful kind of news we all need right now.

It’s hard to even think beyond the end of the day (if we even know what day it is), let alone hop all the way to the Christmas season. But since all gatherings and holidays are likely going to look very different this year, at least we can all relish in the fact that 98-year-old Betty White will bring us some much-needed joy.


“National treasure Betty White joins the Lifetime holiday family for an untitled Christmas movie in which she helps whip would-be Santas into shape, spreading the true meaning of Christmas and leading everyone to wonder: Is she secretly Mrs. Claus?” a press release from Lifetime reads.

Listen, where I live it’s basically still winter because Mother Nature just wanted to add some salt to our quarantined wounds, so I’m feeling the fuzzy Christmas spirit right now.

Back in March, Hallmark knew we all needed some Christmas balm for our weary, terrified, stressed-out souls and slapped a weekend-long Christmas movie marathon on the airwaves. So yeah, it’s pretty safe to assume networks understand our escapism needs.


Lifetime has announced a few other notable names for their holiday lineup, like Kelly Rowland, Melissa Joan Hart, and Mario Lopez who will all appear in Christmas movies too.

“Kelly Rowland returns to executive-produce and star in a sequel to her 2019 hit movie Merry Liddle Christmas with Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding,” Lifetime’s press release continues. “Melissa Joan Hart jumps on the sleigh to direct Feliz NaviDad (working title), reuniting her with Mario Lopez, who is set to executive-produce and star as a single dad whose daughter tries to help him find the holiday spirit after the passing of his wife.”

Who knows how they’ll coordinate and execute production schedules right now, but let’s keep the faith that even if everything is virtual via Zoom, it’ll be enough.


Hell, if the only new movie they crank out this year is just two hours of Betty White stirring quarantinis and eating cheesecake, that’ll do just fine.

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