Biden Campaign Goes Full Petty With 'Truth Over Flies' Fly Swatter

by Valerie Williams
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JoeBiden/Twitter and Joe Biden Store

The Biden campaign wasted no time capitalizing on Mike Pence’s little debate visitor with their “Truth Over Flies” fly swatter

When you’re dealing with a craven swamp creature like Donald Trump, you can’t always go high. It’s a sad fact and has reduced our country’s political discourse to something that would’ve seemed alien and satirical a mere 5-6 years ago, but here we are. When facing a character as ridiculous, classless, and cruel as Trump, you have to find crafty ways to hit where it hurts. The Joe Biden campaign has been absolutely nailing it by using their merch to troll the hapless administration and last night’s new addition to their offerings is nothing short of genius. It’s a fly swatter in honor of Mike Pence’s unexpected little debate buddy.

Yes, it’s real. And it’s perfection.

ICYMI (and if you did, how??) Mike Pence spent over two minutes of last night’s vice presidential debate against Senator Kamala Harris with a tiny visitor perched atop his snow-white head — an actual fly.

It was equal parts confusing, horrifying, and hysterically funny. Of course, people lost it and the internet quickly exploded into a series of memes. My household was on their feet scream-laughing, shouting OMG IT’S STILL THERE for the entire two minutes the fly spent making a home on Pence’s head. The Biden campaign immediately saw an opportunity and wasted exactly zero seconds capitalizing on the unfortunate (for the Trump campaign) moment.

LOL forever. Did they honestly just happen to have a fly swatter handy or did some intern tear-ass to the nearest Walmart, because that photo of Joe was up mere minutes after the fly made its blessed appearance. Regardless, it was a piece of complete political petty genius and they pounced on a merch idea immediately. Behold: the “Truth Over Flies” fly swatter.

Is it beyond petty and totally ridiculous? Yup. Is it something we ever could’ve imagined in a pre-Trump world when politics were still at least semi-honorable and serious? Nope. Is it totally genius and does some Zoomer campaign worker deserve a giant raise? 100 percent yes.

And it’s not the first time Biden’s people have capitalized on the insanity of the Trump campaign to the tune of those sweet, sweet merch dollars. When it came to light recently that Trump only paid $750 in taxes for a few years, the Biden campaign seized on the chance to let their supporters mock the “billionaire” by selling stickers reading “I paid more income taxes than Donald Trump” for — you guessed it — $7.50.

Having to sink this low in a presidential election is pretty sad on its face. The current state of affairs in this country is laughably bad and the Trump administration has turned politics into a literal circus sideshow complete with a big, angry, orange clown at the helm. The Biden campaign dipping into the petty pool a tiny bit is kind of delightful knowing that this sort of mockery is exactly what gets to Trump, but let’s not forget that it only has to be this way because of the contagious man in the Oval Office.

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