This Baby Had To Wear A Helmet So The Whole Family Joined In

by Julie Scagell
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The whole family wears helmets in solidarity with baby Jonas

Big sisters are the best. They are a constant source of entertainment for their younger siblings and are always there to protect them (when they aren’t torturing them, of course). So when one big sis saw her little brother could use a friend, she stepped up in a big way.

The Gutierrez’s four-month-old son, Jonas, was recently diagnosed with plagiocephaly, sometimes known as “flat head syndrome.” To help fix the problem, he was given a helmet to wear and when his big sister Camila saw him, she took it upon herself to make sure Jonas didn’t feel awkward with his new head decor. So she slapped on a bike helmet, which prompted dad Gary to put one on as well. Then they all sat down to breakfast and our hearts melted forever.

Mom Shayna snapped the adorable picture with the caption “Solidarity in the Gutierrez home,” of the three casually eating breakfast and posted it on her Facebook page. “She’s all about inclusion,” Gary told Buzzfeed News of Camila. “She wants her brother to be happy. She doesn’t want him to feel different.”

And now we all want to be related to Camila.

Image via Facebook/ Shayna Gutierrez

Image via Facebook/ Shayna Gutierrez

Image via Facebook/ Shayna Gutierrez

According to, plagiocephaly affects nearly one in two infants and depending on the severity, some are required to wear a helmet to help fix it. Shayna told Scary Mommy that Jonas should only have to wear it for three to six months. “There have been no big issues with the helmet so far. He is a great, easy, happy baby,” Shayna said. As for his relationship with his big sis? “Camila definitely entertains him. She is a mess. She loves bugs and will bring rollie pollies in to climb on him. The helmet will probably save him from a lot of accidents from her,” Shayna told Scary Mommy. “She loves him dearly.”

Image via Facebook/ Shayna Gutierrez

Image via Facebook/ Shayna Gutierrez

When Gary’s cousin saw the picture, he posted it to Twitter with the caption “my cousin’s baby wears a head-shaping helmet so he’s got the whole family wearing helmets now…”

The responses have been perfection.

The Gutierrez family is taking it all in stride and are embracing the helmet in all its glory. “We are excited to get it decorated soon,” Shayna told Scary Mommy. “That is a fun decision.” We have no doubt that whatever they decide, sister Camila will be right by his side sporting an equally kick-ass helmet to compliment her little brother.

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