8 Best Toddler Helmets That Keep Kiddos Safe, According To Mom 2020

The Best Helmets To Keep Your Adventurous Toddler Safe

December 1, 2020 Updated December 8, 2020

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One of the most important kid gear items on your list should be toddler helmets. Few things are more exciting than witnessing your child master major milestones, from crawling and cruising to walking and uttering those first words. But one milestone you might not be quite ready for is when she takes position on that brand-spanking-new bike your annoying in-laws bought her for her second birthday.

What if she falls? What if she hits her head on something? That’s where a toddler bike helmet comes in handy. In fact, no pediatrician in their right mind would ever recommend that you allow your toddler to so much as sit on a moving toy of any kind without a top-notch helmet strapped tightly around those strawberry blonde curls.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your precious child, so if bike riding is in your child’s future, it’s a wise idea to start helmet shopping. Here is a list of some of the best toddler helmets on the market today that have earned the mom stamp of approval.

Best infant bike helmets

Obviously, babies shouldn’t be riding bikes or scooters just yet, but if your little one has a tiny noggin, some of these might come in handy.

Schwinn Kids Bike Helmet

This Schwinn helmet (the brand best known for their exercise bikes) is designed for children as young as 0 years old and as old as 3 years old with the suggested head circumference of 17.50 – 19.75 inches. It has a customized and comfortable fit and is ultra lightweight, which is convenient for tiny noggins. Its design also allows for maximum ventilation. 

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Bell Infant Sprout Bike Helmet

Although this helmet is considered an “infant helmet,” it is intended for use by children over the age of 1 (so it’s technically, kind of a toddler helmet). Either way, it fits most heads measuring 47-52 cm—just make sure that if you’re using it for your younger-than 1-year-old, it fits well. It complies with the U.S. CPSC Safety Standards (for babies 1 and up) and has seven vents to keep your kiddo’s head nice and cool.

$17.25 AT AMAZON

Best toddler bike helmets

Giro Scamp MIPS Youth Recreational Bike Cycling Helmet

This super lightweight helmet fits snugly and comfortably on your child’s head, thanks to an easily adjusted vertical position and tension with Roc Loc Jr. fit system. It has impact protection that helps redirect energy in the situation that your child might find himself in a crash of any kind, which gives parents the peace of mind they deserve. 

$59.95 AT AMAZON

Paw Patrol Toddler and Kids Bike Helmet

This helmet is designed for older toddlers ages 3 to 5. It dons one of the most popular kids’ shows, Paw Patrol, so you know it’ll be a big hit with your kiddo. It offers an adjustable dial fit that has 360 degrees of adjustability (just like the pros). It also has a lower molded shell that provides extra durability and protection in the rear. 

$23.57 AT AMAZON

OUWOER Kids Bike Helmet

These helmets look pretty basic, but they comply with U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commision standards and contain all the top-notch safety features, including ABS shell resist impact and high-quality EPS foam. They have top and side vents so that your tot stays nice and cool while riding and can be adjusted in both length and thickness. They also come in 7 cool colors. 

$23.99 AT AMAZON

Joovy Noodle Helmet

Joovy is well known for their baby products, namely their baby walker that new and exhausted parents of milestone-climbing babies love so much. Their helmets are top of the line—with 14 air vents and an integrated bug mesh in the front vents. They have a visor for sun protection and a pinch guard chin strap for extra security. You can adjust the fit according to your child’s head size. 

$24.99 AT AMAZON

Apusale Toddler Kids Bike Helmets

This helmet comes in both small and medium and is meant for both toddler and youth sizes. It comes in a wide range of basic colors and is CPSC compliant. It has an ABS shell and shock-absorbing inner shell to help decrease impact during a crash, yet it is still nice and lightweight. 

$26.99 AT AMAZON

Glaf Kids Bike Helmet Toddler Helmet

This helmet is certified by both CPSC and ASTM, which makes it one of the safer options for young children, including toddlers, whether they’re riding a bike or skateboarding. It has a sturdy ABS outer shell and a shock-absorbing inner shell to reduce your child’s risk of cranial injury. It also has 11 breathable vents and can be adjusted in size. 

$31.99 AT AMAZON


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