Bigamist Gets Busted Doing Ice Bucket Challenge on Facebook

by Hollee Actman Becker
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OK, so there’s this guy. And he’s married. And one day he tells his wife that he’s just witnessed a crime and has to go into hiding. Not just for his protection. But also for hers. And she believes him. Because this kind of stuff happens all the time. So the guy takes off. Only instead of going into hiding, he goes out and buys himself another house. That costs $900,000. And then he has an affair. And decides to get married. Even though he’s already married.

You still following me?

So then Wife #1—who still has no idea what’s going on—gets pregnant. Because even though her husband’s life is in danger, he still pops in from time to time to say hi. But when she goes into labor, dude shows up five hours late, cuts the cord, and then splits again, claiming the “police are outside waiting to take him to safety.” Evidently they live in an episode of 24 and this guy thinks he’s Jack Bauer.

Anyway, the whole ruse is pretty impressive. Which is why you’d think this guy—who has just pulled off what is quite possibly the most elaborate long con of all time—would be smart enough to stay off social media. But you’d be wrong. Because you know how Wife #1 finally finds out about Wife #2 after four long years? With an Ice Bucket Challenge video of them posted on Facebook. You heard me. Because apparently narcissism disguised as charity trumps anonymity.

But don’t bother trying to find it. Sadly, as reported by the Telegraph, the incriminating video has already been deleted. But the post led Wife #1 to photos of a second wedding, which led to a hasty phone call to the police and the arrest of the two-timer—whose name, by the way, is Andrew O’Clee. He appeared in court this week to plead guilty to one count of bigamy.

“Thinking back, as I do every single minute of every single day, I had no reason not to trust him,” Wife #1, aka Michelle O’Clee, told the court. “Looking back I feel completely stupid and naive for not thinking something was wrong. I believed my life was in danger.”

The judge, calling Andrew O’Clee a “shameless liar,” sentenced him to eight months in jail, adding, “Bigamy is an offense against the institution of marriage, an institution founded on complete trust. This was simply a selfish act.”

The good news? Wife #2 has vowed to stay married to him.

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