Billie Eilish Slams Sexist And Gross 'Daily Mail' Headline

by Madison Vanderberg
Mike Marsland/WireImage/Getty

Billie Eilish shares meme calling out The Daily Mail‘s headlines about her new look

Earlier this week, Billie Eilish debuted a whole new ~lewk~ on the cover of British Vogue. The pop star usually loves to dress in layers of baggy clothes and in her Vogue appearance, the singer stunned in gorgeous, vintage-inspired lingerie to go with her new Marilyn Monroe-inspired hairdo. Everyone on the internet collectively yelled “Yasss!” when they saw the photos, except U.K. trash tabloid The Daily Mail, who shared the pics alongside the grossest and most sexist headlines ever.

Popstars reinvent themselves constantly, it’s literally not that shocking. And in the case of Eilish, she was a child star and now she’s 19, so she switched up her look despite previously stating that she felt more comfortable and would always wear “layers and layers and layers” of clothes. For some damn reason, The Daily Mail is trying to bash Eilish for **checks notes** wearing lingerie even though she previously said she would only wear baggy clothes?? Yes, that’s right, because The Daily Mail cannot comprehend that a teenager could change their mind, or change her clothes.

“‘Proof that money can you make you change your values and sell out’: Bille Eilish shocks fans by swapping baggy clothes for lingerie in Vogue — despite years of vowing to ‘hide her body,'” read a gross headline on the tabloid’s website.

The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail‘s sexist headlines were called out in a viral meme.

Internet influencer Emily Clarkson screengrabbed the Daily Mail article and “fixed” their headline, which Eilish then shared on her own Instagram Story, as reported by Buzzfeed News.

“Proof that money can make you change your values and sell out” was corrected to “Proof that women can change their minds and reclaim autonomy over their own bodies.” And “vowing to ‘hide her body'” was corrected to “of being an actual child.”

Clarkson also came for a Daily Mail headline from October that read, “Billie Eilish is pictured without her trademark baggy clothes as she steps out in uncharacteristically casual attire in Los Angeles.” Clarkson crossed out “trademark baggy clothes” and wrote “permission,” so the full statement now reads: “Billie Eilish is pictured without her permission…”

I’m never shocked by The Daily Mail, after all, this is the tabloid that published Meghan Markle’s private letters to her father, but obsessively reporting on a teen girl’s choice of clothing and breathlessly keeping track of “how baggy” her clothes are is just freaking gross.

The only headline that should be written about Eilish or her clothes should be, “Billie Eilish is a versatile fashion queen, we remain stans.” Full stop.