10 Awesome Black Friday Deals On Gifts The Family Will Actually Want

Awesome Black Friday Deals On Gifts The Family Will Actually Want

Sponsored by Sam's Club

Sponsored by Sam's Club

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when I’m plagued with anxiety over what to buy for my loved ones that they will actually enjoy.

I’ve been married for a decade and am still never sure what to get for my husband. My kids seemed to go from “We love everything” to “We only want iPhones” in the blink of an eye. And don’t even get me started on the rest of my relatives.

Luckily, these sales are available from the comfort of your bed and some wifi, with coffee in hand and optional pants. (You will need a Sam’s Club membership, which costs $45, but when you become a member, you save $10. And with these savings, they almost pay for themselves.)

And the best part is Sam’s Club has already narrowed down some of the hottest finds of the season that your family will actually want.

Cool Parent Achievement Unlocked

Give them the xBox they want, and give yourself the gift of silence. Win/win. Score some serious points with the fam and grab this console and controller at the unbeatable price of $189. (It’s $239.99 on Amazon, so that’s $50 in savings.)


Screen Time Can Save Your Sanity

For the younger kids who love to steal your phones and make your apps mysteriously disappear, there’s this budget-friendly alternative. As it turns out, it’s also a steal at $69.86.
($97.99 on Amazon, so that’s almost $20 in savings.)

A Laptop To Encourage Them To Do Their Homework

Or even if we could get them to tell us about projects before the night before they’re due? I’ll take any of the above at this point. These laptops with two-year warranties are selling for $549, which is $200 off their original price of $749.

Trampolines Will Make ‘Em Jump, Jump

This is a gift the whole family can enjoy. Kids can jump as much as they want, while parents watch from the sidelines and don’t have to bounce. Even more happiness-inducing is its price at $79.98. ($20 off its original $99.98.)

For the husband:

Finally, Someone To Help Clean

Perhaps with a note that says, “Hint, hint.” I don’t know, I’m just brainstorming here. It’s $249, but I hear the Roomba is cheaper than a housekeeper, or marriage counseling for that matter. (And it’s $299.99 on Amazon, which is $50 in savings.)

A Big Screen TV For Football Season

I’m not a sports fan, but I AM a fan of all kinds of snack foods. And anything that encourages nacho consumption gets five stars from me. This 49” TV will be on sale for $278, which is $50 off its original price of $328.

A Recliner…Because They Need More Relaxing, Apparently

When it comes to things your husband will actually want, this recliner is pretty amazing. It’s got power reclining, a beverage holder, and a side table for snacks. Do yourself a favor and get two. They’re on sale for $299, which is $50 off their original price of $349.

His Own Cold Beverage Stash

If you want to be the coolest wife ever, you’ll get him his own fridge for his beverages. Stock it with some of his favorites and then put a lock on it and promise to give him the key after the chores are done. Again, just brainstorming. This one’s on sale for $129. (It’s $204 on Amazon, so that’s $75 in savings.)

Some New Headphones

This 2-pack of Pioneer headphones will come in handy when he’s watching his new TV in his new recliner, the kids are busy with their new toys, and all you want to do is plug in and catch up on some trashy reality TV. They’re on sale at $19.88, which is $10 off their original price of $29.88.

Online sales start at 12:01am on Thanksgiving Day. For people who love the Black Friday shopping tradition, Sam’s Clubs open at 7am on Friday, Nov. 24th.

Although it’s worth noting that if you shop online, you’ll have access to some additional deals, such as 25% off Delta cribs, 30% savings on a jogging stroller, and up to $200 savings on Serta king mattresses.

So when in doubt, shop both ways.

Sign up now for a $45 Sam’s Club Membership and you’ll receive a $10 eGift Card valued at $10.