If You’re Sick Of Love And Unicorns, Here’s Some Ice Cream For Your Black Soul

by Christina Marfice
Image via Instagram

There’s not a single speck of glitter to be seen on these black ice cream cones

For those of us who roll our eyes with every new unicorn food roll-out, who just don’t give a single shit about eating food that’s infused with glitter, who hate love and rainbows and happiness — well, there’s finally a food for our Instagram feeds, too.

Yep. Pitch black ice cream. Feast your sad, dead eyes on this.

The black cones that are taking over Instagram now come from Little Damage Ice Cream Shop in Los Angeles, California. But Little Damage isn’t the first to make this kind of treat — last summer, Morgenstern’s in New York City created a little bit of a stir by scooping cones of black Coconut Ash ice cream.

Little Damage’s version is almond-charcoal flavored, which doesn’t sound great to be totally honest, but it could be black licorice so we’ll take it. It’s also infinitely customizable, so if your soul is only a little bit black, you can reflect that with, say, rainbow sprinkles on your goth ice cream.

Other topping options include all the candy and cookie crumbles your heart desires.

BRB, taking my black soul on a little trip to LA.