Mom Claps Back At Stranger Who Told Her To 'Dress Like A Mom'

by Julie Scagell
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Judging others on their appearance will get you nowhere

Let’s face it, we’ve all judged someone at one point or another for reasons we recognize and many more we don’t fully comprehend. It rarely has to do with the other person and more often is about something we don’t like, or would like to change, about ourselves. But at some point, you grow up and realize, well, you’re a grown up and no one owes you anything — least of all an explanation about why they choose to dress a certain way.

Stevie Niki, an Australian mom of four who writes about her families adventures at My Tribe of Six, posted a compelling message on Instagram about judgment and what it means to be truly accepting of others.

“The other day someone said to me that I don’t dress like a mum and I shouldn’t wear what I do,” she wrote. “There was even a comment about my clothing not being age appropriate. Did the government roll out and distribute a mum uniform and I missed the memo?”

She went on to say, “Since when do I have to dress according to someone else’s likes and dislikes?” No truer words have ever been spoken. Why should anyone care what people wear? Especially moms. We’re often made to feel like we have to look a certain way because we’re moms, and it’s bullshit.

Niki told Scary Mommy thought she feels like we have made strides in how we treat others and breaking down stereotypes, she hopes her my children will “grow up in a society where stereotyping is frowned upon, everyone is a winner in their own right and there no right or wrong way to be yourself.”

“What I choose to look like or wear does not change who I am within,” Niki writes. “My appearance does not impact my personality. Who I am on the outside does not define who i am on the inside. Aesthetically pleasing people can be mean, fit looking people can feel insecure, wealthy people can be rude and crass, happy people can be in pain and friendly people can do evil things.”

Niki said she believes it is important for women to empower and support one another. “You can admire anothers beauty and personality without them questioning or changing their own,” she said.

“Enough with the stereotypes…there’s nothing worse or more ignorant.”

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