BlogHer High

by Scary Mommy
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BlogHer was just like high school.

Well, high school with lots of free stuff. I suppose the free stuff in high school could be considered booze and cigarettes, because there was always some element of pushing and shoving for those. And they were fun in high school, until that first hangover. And then they weren’t so fun. Or so worth it.

In high school, there were the cool kids. The cool kids who were actually cool and the cool kids who were bitches. There were the computer geeks and the people who never came out from behind their cameras. There were the party animals and the social climbers and the gossips. There were the people who would do anything for attention, and the magnetic people who everyone universally loved. There were the hysterical people who had you cracking up and, there were the shy, quiet people who you always suspected were the most special ones. There were all sorts of people. And they were all at BlogHer.

Of course, there were classes; algebra, literature, biology… Some were better than others, but the big huge lectures always bored me to tears. The small, intimate classes were always preferable, and the ones where class participation was paramount were my favorites. And there were always a few classes that I wish I’d taken.

Cafeteria food was pretty dismal and I wisely opted for sneaking home at lunch.

There was the worry over one’s appearance. Having the right shoes or jeans became more stressful than one’s GPA. Being too fat or too thin was the cause of much angst, but in the end, everyone was so busy worrying about themselves that they barely looked at anyone else.

There were parties. Loud, crazy parties that got broken up by cops. And they were fun. But, I always preferred hanging out with a few friends in some corner than being in the middle of the dance floor.

At the end of each day I came home to my own child-free room. Except I didn’t appreciate it then.

And, in a blink, high school was over.

Did I like high school, you ask? Yes, I did. I have some very fond memories of great nights and really good friends. Do I want to go back to high school? No, not really. I miss parts of it, but I’m happier here, and now. Well, maybe I’d go back just once a year for a few days. Yes, that would be perfect.

So, BlogHer, see you next year. I’ll be there.

And, I’m sure I’ll be happy to leave.

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