Queer Eye's Bobby Berk Is Giving Design Advice On Animal Crossing

by Christina Marfice
Queer Eye's Bobby Berk Is Giving Design Advice On Animal Crossing
Netflix and Queer Eye/Twitter

Can’t seem to get your Animal Crossing home perfectly decorated? Bobby Berk is here to help

One of the greatest things about Animal Crossing is how completely customizable the game is. You can make your island, your museum, and your home exactly how you want them to be, as long as you collect enough materials and DIY recipes to make the furniture and decor you need. But with all that freedom comes a lot of design pressure, and those without a natural eye for DIY are turning to the experts for help. Most notably, Queer Eye‘s resident design expert, Bobby Berk, has been on Twitter the last few days critiquing people’s Animal Crossing homes and helping them add the perfect touches to create their cozy island paradises.

The official Queer Eye Twitter account shared the opportunity with followers to post some screenshots of their islands so Berk could give them his opinions and advice.

It turns out Berk’s design chops in the real world definitely carry over in the ACNH universe, because he started delivering the advice, and all of it is excellent.

Like for this home, which we can all see is getting a little cluttered with crafted pieces.

Or this museum, where Berk correctly pointed out there’s just some nice lighting needed to brighten up the space.

For this home that was looking pretty empty, Berk suggested, um, furniture. Hey, everyone’s gotta start somewhere.

Some of the homes really needed no suggestions, but Berk was still there to hand out compliments for people’s brilliant designs.

And there were definitely some people who replied to the Queer Eye tweet not because they needed Berk’s design guidance, but because they wanted to show off their insane islands. We see you, guy who turned their entire island into a castle with terraces for stores and (!!!) a space exploration center.

And to the person who created the Bon Appetit test kitchen, please friend request me.

Most of Berk’s advice was pretty simple: Keep your space clean, but cozy. Use those DIY recipes to create comfy pieces, but avoid too much clutter. And for everyone whose house has no furniture because it’s been converted entirely into turnip storage, I see you. Corner that stalk market and then use the proceeds to decorate a home Bobby Berk himself would be proud to live in.