From The Confessional: I Love My Plus-Sized Body

by Rita Templeton
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Most of us have fought our battles with self-loathing, but we’re getting tired of society’s standards for women’s bodies — and letting our truths be known in The Confessional.

From a very young age, the media/society/everyfuckingbody is eager to shove diet culture in our faces. We’re constantly bombarded with stories and photos of people going to unhealthy lengths to achieve extreme weight loss, celebs who “bounced back” after baby, and articles advising us on how to “dress 15 pounds lighter” and take selfies at angles that hide a double chin.

But thanks to celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Serena Williams, and Lizzo, and social media influencers who are vocal about self-love and acceptance no matter what, it looks like the pendulum is finally swinging — slowly but surely — in the direction of body positivity. And we are loving these body positive confessions.

Let’s be real: We still have a long way to go, which is why there are plenty of submissions The Confessional about how much we loathe what we see in the mirror. But we’re seeing a refreshing uptick in confessions about how much we love who we are, at whatever size we happen to be.

It’s hard to break the cycle of self-criticism when the root comes from your own family tree — namely, your parents. But we’re doing our best to silence those nagging voices, and to keep them from infecting the next generation.

Confessional #1719455

“I actually kind of like my squishy, flabby tummy. DH is an artist who is currently doing a body positive project and he thinks I’m sexy. My mom? She keeps encouraging me to fall back into my eating disorder from college.”Confessional #21817417“Moms who brag about how skinny their daughters are have a special place reserved in Hell.”We’re finally learning that you can be healthy at all weights, and now maybe we can stop punishing ourselves for — gasp! — having an appetite like actual human beings.

Confessional #1715569

“I’m healthy, but overweight. It’s possible to be fat and healthy, and I would rather that than unhealthy at any size.”

Confessional #22868576

“just had cookies and milk for dinner. could not face another fucking chicken breast. sick of the diet culture.”

Confessional #25608793

“stopped dieting and my food consumption has gone down. no longer obsessed w/food all day. eat what I want and am able to stop when I want now. no food restrictions anymore. fuck the diet culture. eating real food and enjoying life and good health.”

And with that also comes the realization that we should have accepted ourselves a long-ass time ago. Because we’re fine just the way we are.

Confessional #25763374

“As much as I wish I should of cherished my old body, I starved myself for that body and people were totally okay with that as long as I looked good. I’m so much happier now that I’ve allowed myself to eat like a person.”

Confessional #25761186

“I’m 33 years old and I’ve decided I’m not going to diet ever again. Exercise for cardio? ok. I know I could be 120 lbs with a flat stomach but for what? Other people’s approval? Fuck that noise. My New Years resolution is to love myself as I am.”

Confessional #25753345

“I used to hate my body because social media and the movies made it seemed that if you didn’t had [sic] perky breasts, a flat stomach, a fat ass and weighed 100lbs then you were worthless as a woman. Wish I knew what a load of bullshit that was at 15.”

Confessional #25752230

“I spent my entire life wearing loose & poorly fitted clothes b/c I was ashamed of my large breasts and curves. At 30, I’m finally dressing to my shape and flaunting my body–for myself. I’m learning to love myself. Wish I had known this feeling at 18.”

As far as “bouncing back” after baby? Pssshh. Our bodies are amazing. They have created, housed, nurtured, and delivered another life into the world. Of course, something that major is gonna change our physique — and we should celebrate it!

Confessional #1700195 “I am 220 lbs and have a c-section flap, but I always feel fucking hot at work. All the guys flirt with me, and the washed up, married cougars are jealous. I feel sexy and love my body, no matter what it looks like.” Confessional #10735545“I never love my body more than I do right after having a baby. I feel small, sexy, and powerful. Our bodies were made to do amazing things. And none of you ladies should ever be ashamed of the physical result of growing a human being!”

Confessional #1448046“My body isn’t perfect. Scars, stretch marks, some saggy skin, my boobs have seen better days. I still love my body! It gave me babies and the joy of my DH’s touch.”Confessional #1774506“I’m at my highest weight after having twins, but am finally happy and at peace with my body. I finally love myself after making it to 39 weeks with twins and seeing how strong my body is. Might not look strong but damn it it is!”

So let these confident confessions serve as a reminder: We are so much more than a number on a scale. Our worth is not tied to our weight, or the smoothness of our skin, or whether our boobs are perky or pendulous. No more apologizing for the way we look, because guess whose opinion matters most? Our own.Confessional #25759965“Fat people with full body photos for their profile pic are my kind of people: real, honest and unapologetic.”Confessional #“I think I’m beautiful and sexy. I sometimes remember I’m fat, gray haired and almost 50 and so probably not everybody else does. Their loss.”

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