Brittle Bone Disease Didn't Stop This Little Boy From Becoming A Power Ranger

by Jerriann Sullivan
Images via Denise Goldhammer.

Six-Year-Old Conner starred in his own Power Ranger movie.

Conner Goldhammer is like a lot of little boys. He likes to swim and play with his friends, but his favorite thing ever is the Power Rangers. He also has a rare disorder known as Brittle Bone Disease. To celebrate Conner’s constant strength in the midst of a stressful situation, a nonprofit made him a Power Ranger and created a short action film starring the courageous 6-year-old.

“Conner has gone through so much in his six years of life. He was born with a rare life-altering illness called Osteogenesis Imperfecta or more commonly known as Brittle Bone Disease,” his mom Denise Goldhammer told Scary Mommy. “He has broken over 200 [bones], yet he keeps that unbreakable spirit!” Goldhammer told us how the nonprofit “The For The Win Project” worked with Conner to create some special memories.

“They look at these children, like Conner, as real life heroes. And what’s the most popular thing to make a movie about? A hero! That’s what people love to see,” Goldhammer said. “So they took what Conner’s heroes are – The Power Rangers – more specifically the Red Dino Charge Power Ranger and did a movie poster and movie trailer starring the one and only Conner Ranger!”

The nonprofit’s co-founders, Jesse Wilson and Jaimie Trueblood, both work in Hollywood, so they’re experts at making movie magic happen. “This experience that was given to Conner was amazing,” his mom shared. “He was treated like a star! Conner said it was the best day of his life.” Then Conner flew to Los Angeles so he could walk the red carpet at the Power Rangers premiere. “Conner was excited to meet Dacre Montgomery,” his mom shared. The little guy got to spend special time with the actor who stars as the Red Power Ranger in the reboot released this past March.

His mom explained how much the whole experience meant to Conner. She said, “I have never seen him so happy.” And while the Power Rangers might motivate Conner, the brave boy is an inspiration to many kids, parents, and families who are living with OI or other intense medical issues. “OI doesn’t stop him from living life, his bones may break, but his spirit certainly never will,” his mom explained. “Conner is undoubtedly my hero.” The Goldhammer family shares their story on Conner’s Care to raise awareness of Brittle Bone Disease.

“My hope with sharing our story is to help other families, not just OI families, but any family going through any struggle with their child to know it’s not an easy path, but a doable one,” Goldhammer told Scary Mommy. “Never give up hope and just keep fighting for what you think is best for your child.”