Bradley Cooper And Irina Shayk Broke Up And The Entire Internet Has The Same Question

by Valerie Williams
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Bradley Cooper’s ending his long-time relationship with his girlfriend which has fans wondering how long until he’s with Lady Gaga

News broke last night that actor Bradley Cooper and his partner, model Irina Shayk, have decided to end their four-year relationship. They share a toddler daughter together and it’s all incredibly sad, but of course, the internet has already turned to a narrative that began months ago when Cooper made the media and awards show rounds for A Star Is Born — that narrative, of course, is that he belongs with Lady Gaga, his costar in the Oscar-nominated film.

It’s all pretty gross, frankly, on a number of levels. A long-term relationship involving a shared child has ended. That alone is cause for only sympathy and best wishes to Bradley and Irina as they work out custody of their little girl and find a way to parent together while apart. It’s also terrible that fans are already very much stanning a Cooper/Gaga partnership while the ink’s barely dried on the dude’s breakup stories. Without a shred of actual evidence that either party is wanting that to happen.

And when we say very much stanning, we’re not kidding. Twitter is a hot mess today of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga tweets.

While others merely wondered where their love for Cooper would factor in with his former relationship ending.

And a scant handful of folks did point out how totally wrong it is for anyone to even hint at rooting for the end of a relationship so one party can end up with another — especially when that relationship involves a child.

Was the chemistry between Bradley and Gaga palpable and fully undeniable? Yep. But isn’t it supposed to be? Aren’t we supposed to believe they’re in love because that was literally the entire storyline of their movie and that’s what great actors do? It’s pretty easy to hop on the internet and break out the memes and Lady Gaga gifs and speculate giddily about a phantom relationship that very likely won’t ever materialize. It’s not fair to put this on Gaga and make any assumptions about why Cooper and his girlfriend have called it quits. This is probably a lot to ask in the age of total and complete insensitivity from behind a screen, but can we maybe relax on the nonsense and let this former couple’s relationship end in relative peace?

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