The Entire Internet Wants To Know Why The Hell Cracker Barrel Fired Brad's Wife

by Valerie Williams
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The internet is demanding justice for Brad’s wife

Times are tough and when you have a steady job with the same company for 11 years, you cling to it like glue. One woman who worked at a Cracker Barrel was doing just that, when she was unceremoniously let go — on her husband Brad’s birthday, no less. He took to the company’s Facebook page for an explanation, but instead ended up with half the internet taking up the cause.

The internet wants #JusticeForBradsWife. And things have gotten hilariously out of control.

According to KJRH News, Bradley Byrd claims his wife Nanette was fired from the Cracker Barrel in Corydon, Indiana on his birthday. He posed the question to the company’s Facebook page:

The internet took over from there. Since no one can post to the Cracker Barrel page, supporter’s of Brad’s wife are flooding the comments of the company’s posts about everything from cast iron skillets to sweet maple bacon demanding an answer for why Nanette was let go. Their page is now an absolute tire fire of comments about nothing but Brad’s wife — and it’s glorious.

The people think Brad’s wife would’ve loved to attend the Alison Krauss concert the company was promoting, but no more.

Hawking menu items with berries on top of pancakes only got more angry comments along with suggestions about Brad’s wife’s future career possibilities.

Cast iron skillets are forever tainted without Brad’s wife in the kitchen.

It’s official; the internet has revolted against the purveyor of southern breakfast foods and giant rocking chairs. Sweet maple bacon no longer tastes as sweet without Brad’s wife lighting the place up. #NotMyCountryStore indeed.

A post asking customers about their best mac and cheese moments only stirred the pot further and threw salt in the fresh wound of Brad’s wife’s untimely termination. Her family only gets Kraft now Cracker Barrel. You monsters.

News of lighter breakfast options only made the internet think of Brad’s family and their loss of income since his wife lost her job at Cracker Barrel. How dare they talk “light” at a time like this?

A pecan surprise prompted some to remind the company how getting fired is also shocking. They demand justice, ya’ll.

They tried advertising a stainless steel seahorse water bottle and absolutely no one was having it. Seahorses? At a time like this?

Chicken and dumplings? Destroyed forever.

Even their post about a mermaid tail throw blanket wasn’t safe from Brad’s wife’s internet avengers. Poppycock!

Some hero even adjusted the employee count on the Cracker Barrel Wikipedia page to reflect the monumental injustice of Brad’s wife’s termination.

As of now, Brad says there’s no word on Cracker Barrel’s response to the flood of questions about his wife.

Hopefully, the family gets an answer soon. But in case they don’t…

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