Bride's 'Flower Grandpa' Is The Sweetest Idea, Ever

by Valerie Williams
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Bride’s “flower grandpa” steals the show at her wedding

When you think of flower girls, images of sweet little ones in beautiful dresses tossing petals and being generally precious come to mind. And while that’s totally adorable, there are other options, as one bride proved when she decided to buck tradition and have a “flower grandpa” at her wedding instead.

And it’s quite possibly the cutest thing to ever be on the internet.

According to BuzzFeed, Jennifer Briskin has always had a special relationship with her grandfather, Stanley. The two hang out regularly, including Sunday walks where they compare Fitbit steps and chat. “I always knew that I wanted him to play a special part in my wedding.” Images of the couple and Stanley were captured by photographer Robin Nathan.

And the role she assigned him was definitely special and a bit unusual, to say the least. “In thinking about the typical roles of a wedding, I couldn’t shake the idea of him walking down the aisle throwing flowers like a flower girl. I joked with him that I wanted him to be my ‘Flower Grandpa,’ and the idea stuck!”

So when her wedding to now-husband Austin Tansantisuk went down earlier this month, Briskin got her wish. Her “flower grandpa” performed his duties enthusiastically, if a bit unconventionally.

“He was worried that he wasn’t up for the task, but I assured him that if two-year-olds can do it, he could figure it out,” Briskin explains. “He insisted on practicing before the big day so my sister Allison, my maid of honor, bought a pumpkin bucket and fake leaves from the dollar store and they practiced on his driveway.”

OK, we just hit adorable overload. Can he be our grandpa too? Please?

Despite his careful rehearsals, Stanley had a bit of a brain freeze when the big moment came. Instead of tossing the petals on the aisle like he was supposed to, guests got a little flower shower. And none of them seemed to mind one bit.

Stanley was a huge hit at the wedding, much to the bride’s delight. “From the second he stepped out of the doors, I heard constant laughter. Papa was like a celebrity at the reception. Everyone wanted a moment with the man of the hour, and he could not have been more proud of himself. He still enjoys talking about all of the guests’ reaction to his big moment.”

Briskin’s sweet relationship with her grandfather is enviable, as so many adults don’t have living grandparents by the time they get married. My grandmothers both attended my wedding, with one sharing the date with us for her 75th birthday. We wheeled a cake out to surprise her in the middle of the reception and after 11 years, it remains a favorite memory she and I talk about on our birthday/anniversary every year. Cakes, DJ’s, flowers and photographers are all important details, but it’s the moments with family that end up mattering most once the party’s over.

And Briskin definitely agrees. “I am so lucky to have a grandfather who was able to walk down the aisle at my wedding. I am even luckier that he loves me so much that he would go along with my crazy ideas!”


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