Bridezilla's List Of Demands For Her Wedding Day Goes Viral

by Julie Scagell
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This wedding coordinator didn’t mince words when it came to the bride’s requests

We all know someone who’s been a bit of a bridezilla. You know the type — overly demanding, stressed to the max, hyper-focused on every single, minute detail of every last checklist item down to the shade of her bridesmaid’s eyeshadow? Watching a bridezilla in action can be pretty rage-inducing. But this extremely extra bride’s demands may just take the (wedding) cake.

Reddit user Laika_cat gave readers quite an eye-full of demands (and frequent misspellings) when they shared an email from a wedding coordinator for upcoming nuptials. Some of them include: Not wearing white or any distant cousin of white, not checking in on Facebook until instructed, and not talking to the bride under any circumstances (all in caps, so it must be serious).

But really, you need to see it in it’s entirety to appreciate the full extent of her wishes:

Well now, that’s a whole lot to take in. In addition to having cognac poured down your gullet whether you like it or not, apparently guests also need to come bearing a gift that is $75 — or else — which honestly sounds like the best way to get out of being a guest at this particular wedding.

The Reddit comments are almost as funny as the list itself. Almost:

It seems a bit over the top to request guests come with minimal make-up, a very particular hair style and also basically decide they have to look like they’re going to a funeral over a wedding celebration based on their colors of choice. Though it sounds like guests may have a titch more fun at a funeral service than this shin-dig.

And it seems over the top until you dig back in your memory and don’t have a difficult time thinking of a bridezilla in your past. I had a friend who had two miscarriages and was actively trying to get pregnant again be told by a mutual friend that she should most definitely not be pregnant for her wedding a year later because, as a bridesmaid, thought she’d “ruin pictures” being larger than normal. This actually happened.

Alrighty then, future brides. Simmer down now, we all know it’s your big day. It doesn’t mean you need to be a big PITA.

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