This Bride Gave Her Guests A Dress Code Based On Weight -- Yes, Really

by Thea Glassman
Image via Reddit/nsanepeopleonfb/Getty/Mykhailo Lukashuk

A bride told guests they needed to dress a certain way based on their weight

Buckle up because this bridezilla story is a real doozy. A woman insisted that her wedding guests dress in specific outfits based on their weight and, when her post made its way to Reddit, she reached a whole new level of insanity.

The bride sent out another message saying she would be administrating a polygraph test to find out who leaked her post on the internet. Yup, this is a true, deeply unfortunate story.

Let’s back up, though. For starters, here’s a rundown of what the bride was demanding of her guests. Women who weighed 100-160 pounds were instructed to wear a green velvet sweater, orange suede pants, and louboutin heels (which usually cost roughly $700). Women who weighed more than 160 pounds were told to wear all black sweaters and pants.

Men were given their own set of instructions. If they weighed between 100-200 pounds, they needed to wear a purple fuzzy jacket (WTF), a soda hat, all white trainers, and glow sticks. Men who weighed more than 120 pounds needed to dress in all camouflage (double WTF) and black sneakers.

“The dress code is very specific because it will create an incredible visual effect,” the bride-to-be wrote. “If done right, it will make our synchronized dancing along the [Hawaii] beach really pop.”

Image via Reddit

That is just… insanely blatant body shaming. For what? Synchronized dancing? Yikes.

The woman concluded that guests should invest in an outfit valued at at least $1,000. “You have a year and a half to get working,” she wrote. “No excuses.”

Someone leaked this post to Reddit and it was (understandably) trashed by the internet. Some gems below:


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The bride-to-be ended up finding out that her post had been circulated and – very unsurprisingly – did not handle this update well. She wrote to all of her guests again, this time letting them know that she was throwing a “Polygraph Party” to find out who leaked her demands.

“After the testing is over and we find out who the rat is, we will all celebrate with drinks and appetizers,” she said. “If you can’t make it to the Polygraph party, you will be presumed guilty unless you have a valid excuse.”

She added that guests don’t have to participate in the synchronized dance, but can instead help the crew clean up after dinner or contribute to the couple’s honeymoon (cool, thanks so much for that super generous offer). Oh yeah, and the bride also added that she wanted everyone to spend a sh*t ton of money on their outfits because it “represents the riches [the couple] wish to come.”

Here’s an idea. What if all the guests kept their plane tickets to Hawaii, took a super relaxing vacation, frolicked on the beach WITHOUT high heels and suede pants, and maybe never spoke to this bride ever again? The entire Reddit community has got your back.