Hashtag Compares Brock Turner's Sentence To Other Ridiculously Brief Things

by Valerie Williams
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Twitter mocks length of Brock Turner’s sentence by pointing out things longer than his time served

Freshly-minted registered sex offender Brock Turner was released from his infuriatingly brief jail sentence last week. He served a paltry three months of the six month-sentence he was originally given for three counts of sexual assault and went home to his family. With no other option but to vent their frustration at his lenient treatment, many are taking to social media sharing things longer than Brock Turner’s rape sentence.

The hashtag #ThingsLongerThanBrockTurnersRapeSentence surfaced this past Thursday evening on Twitter and is still gaining momentum, according to Buzzfeed.

Most responses were darkly humorous, making jokes out of Turner’s joke of a jail sentence.

And some were more somber, reminding us of the victim’s sad reality: how her “sentence” will always be longer than his.

While a few pointed out the infuriating fact that others do more time for far less serious offenses.

It might seem a little strange that people are writing satire over Turner’s sentence, but there isn’t much else that can be done by the thousands who feel he was let off too easy. Keeping his name in the news and reminding the world over and over that justice wasn’t served is the least anyone can do.

Turner’s case garnered so much rage for several reasons; namely, because the justice system went sickeningly easy on a man caught by two witnesses sexually assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. But there’s also the fact that the judge involved and Turner’s own parents seemed so quick to dismiss and minimize his crimes while showing not a shred of empathy or concern for his victim. So many have taken on her cause after reading her heartbreaking letter to Turner and don’t seem at all ready to let him off as easily as the courts did.

Sometimes, social media can be a unifying force for good, and this is one of those situations. Hopefully, the victim is seeing how many people continue to be outraged on her behalf even though her attacker barely answered for his crimes and showed absolutely no remorse. She’ll never forget the heinous thing that happened to her but maybe all the support from complete strangers will let her know that many of us won’t soon forget either.

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