Brooklyn Decker Live Tweets 1st Flight Away From Baby, Every Mom Relates

by Valerie Williams
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Brooklyn Decker’s first flight away from her baby didn’t end well at all

Flying with a baby can be a total pain in the ass, but it turns out that flying without them might be worse. Actress and model Brooklyn Decker found that out the hard way on her first flight without her baby, and she live tweeted every annoying moment.

Decker has a 7-month-old son named Hank with husband Andy Roddick. She tweeted about how the trip was only a night, so she didn’t bother bringing her son. But she probably ended up regretting that choice.

So like all moms leaving their baby overnight, she was a little nervous and wanted to have an alcohol, please. Who could blame her? All seemed to be going fine, although she was wondering about where she should pump.

As it turned out, she ended up with bigger fish to fry than scouting the perfect pumping location. The plane had some mechanical issues and Decker was forced to deplane. The perfect chance to pump without having milk sucked out of your boobs in an airplane bathroom, right?


As her tweet explains, she left the plane as instructed, did her pumping, and returned to discover that she would be unable to board again. Her reaction was exactly what you’d expect of an anxious mom eager to get home to her baby.

Her husband tweeted his anger at Delta as well. No man wants to hear his wife that upset — or have to do the midnight feedings alone for one more night than he had originally planned. Kidding. Mostly.

Decker was a good sport and took advantage of her baby-less night stranded at an airport.

She also tweeted what we all know to be true — we do our best to juggle career, home, family, friends and kids. Sometimes, there are curve balls thrown at us that we never see coming, but that’s part of the deal.

In this case, stressing about finding a place to pump might have been even worse than handling a fussy infant on board a plane. If you’ve ever breastfed, you know how miserable it is to have boobs full of milk and no way of expressing it. As your breasts turn to rocks and milk starts seeping into your breast pads, you’re practically ready to grab someone else’s baby to nurse so you can get some relief (not really, that’s creepy…but you might think it). Needing a place to pump is no laughing matter.

In the end, Decker’s sense of humor was firmly intact. And we all know how far that can get us when it comes to being a parent.

Preach, Brooklyn. And better luck on your next flight!

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