This Little Kid’s Bucket List Is #Goals

by Valerie Williams
Image via Twitter

Her hopes and dreams are equal parts inspiring and bizarre

If you wrote a bucket list, it would probably look a lot different than one written by a kid. Or, maybe not. One eleven-year-old girl wrote a weirdly detailed and totally bizarre list of things she hopes to accomplish in life, and we have to say, there’s quite a bit of overlap between her goals and “mom” goals.

A guy named Josh came across this amazing bucket list written by his younger sister Jesse and because it’s 2017, he immediately shared it on Twitter, so the internet could appreciate its truly strange contents.

“I found my sister’s bucket list? What the hell is she on,” he ponders. And we have to say, we’re also a tad concerned.

While some items are straight-up childlike and adorable, like wanting to pet a blob fish, koala, sloth, flamingo and seal, others are….different.

She kicks off the list by declaring her intention to someday “eat a hammerhead shark, snake and bear.” And it only gets weirder.

Jesse then wants to “get a sign that said something in a different language, then on March 12, 2019, I will translate it.”

Is she like, a kid version of Nostradamus? Does she know about Google translate? Why the two-year wait? We have so many questions, but moving on.

Jesse wants to try “Ariel silks,” which we figured out means “aerial silks,” and sadly, it has zero to do with growing human legs and singing to a cartoon crab. Girlfriend’s got some circus dreams.

And this is where the strange goals end and some major mom goals begin.

She plans to one day “sit in an empty room for a hour” and “eat 10 Taco Bell Dorito Tacos.” YASSS KWEEN. This is basically Mom Heaven. Silence, solitude and tacos. Jesse officially has our attention.

Not content to merely consume her Taco Bell haul in a leisurely fashion, Jesse also has designs on winning a “Taco Bell Dorito Taco eating contest.” Go big or go home, right?

After her taco feast, Jesse’s obviously looking ahead, realizing she might be a bit sluggish from all those carbs, because item number eight is to sleep. Oh, sorry. To “stay asleep for 24 hours.”

Jesse, will you be our life coach? Please?

Her final goal (my personal favorite) is to pet a cheetah, because why the hell not? Most little girls would be pleased with some kitten play time, but Jesse’s clearly not most little girls.

Of his sister’s sudden viral fame, Josh tells Mashable, “I don’t even know if she has an idea of the scope of her notoriety. 10,000 people have said they love her for her ambition and I don’t even know if she can even fathom that many people supporting her hopes and dreams.”

Definitely count us among her thousands of fans. If Jesse accomplishes even half the items on her list, she’ll be able to give a master class on living your best life.

And we’re totally rooting for her.