Build-A-Bear Is Selling Girl Scout-Themed Bears That Smell Like Cookies

by Julie Scagell
Build-A-Bear Workshop

These Build-A-Bears come in Caramel and Thin Mint themes

Build-A-Bear is having a year. The toy retailer has been full of great ideas offering the most adorable themed bears like the Cousin Eddie Bear for all of us Christmas Vacation lovers, a Mandalorian-inspired Baby Yoda (coming soon), and now it’s gone and outdone itself with a Girl Scout-themed bear that has every Samoas and Caramel deLites connoisseur jumping for joy.

Girl Scout cookie season is almost upon us and if you don’t have a Girl Scout in the family, you likely have a dealer you can buy from to get your yearly fix. Now, Build-a-Bear is getting in on the fun with the release of their Coconut Caramel Cookie Bear, which is a part of its USA Collection.

According to the website, the Coconut Caramel Cookie Bear “makes a sweet addition to any collection. With swirly coconut caramel fur and a fun doodle print on the ears and paw pads, this brown teddy bear is the perfect companion for learning and growing as a Girl Scout.”


But wait, there’s more.

You can also dress your bear in its own Girl Scout uniform and clothing and give it a Coconut Caramel cookie scent so you can smell the cookie season all year long. I can think of nothing better than a Friday cuddled up with a stuffed bear and box of Girl Scout Cookies, can you?


Since this is Build-A-Bear we’re talking about, you know the accessories really make the bear. Obviously, you’ll need this Coconut Caramel Cookie Box Wrist Accessory to round out the outfit, because any respectable bear owner (i.e. parent) knows you aren’t getting out of that store without some accessories.


If caramel isn’t your jam, Build-A-Bear is also selling a Thin Mint Bear which is — you guessed it — mint-colored and comes with its own Thin Mints scent. No word if the bear form is better after it’s been in the freezer.


This bear comes with a fun doodle print on the ears and paw pads and wouldn’t be complete without some Thin Mint wristlets thrown in for good measure.


Both bears sell for $22 naked both online and in stores, and accessories and scents are add-ons per usual. If you have a Girl Scout troop, they can book time online now and create their own bears. If you’re like most of us and are just a fan of all things Girl Scout, mark your calendars because the bears are available to the general public on January 31.

What will they think of next?