You Can Literally Wrap Yourself Up Like A Burrito With This Amazing Blanket

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Etsy/Vesaints/Amazon

You’re going to want this perfect tortilla blanket, ASAP

While many of us wrap ourselves up like a cocoon in our favorite blankets on the regular, there’s one blanket on the market that is pretty much made for this purpose and this purpose only. Except it’s not a cocoon blanket — it’s a tortilla. Yes, that’s right, you can literally become the human burrito you’ve always wanted to be.

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “Man, I wish I could just wrap myself up inside a 59-inch tortilla and not move for the rest of the day,” — you’re in luck. Because there are amazing tortilla blankets on Etsy and Amazon that are here to provide you the comfortable atmosphere to do just that.

Would you look at that detail? It’s like this blanket was perfectly toasted in a monstrous-sized skillet.

Image via Etsy/Vesaint

The blanket seems to be a big hit on Reddit, because everyone on the internet is now inspired to achieve a new level of cozy.

Unless you’re strictly a hard shell taco kind of person (personally, I’m Team Both), this is honestly the perfect blanket for anyone.

The Etsy version of the blanket (pictured above) is 59 inches and just a smidge over $40. The Amazon version comes in two sizes: four-foot diameter, and five-foot diameter. It also looks absolutely perfect for doing exactly what any adult worth their salt should be doing while lounging with one of these babies.

Image via Amazon

If you’re wondering what else a tortilla/burrito blanket could be good for, Instagram has plenty of creative uses for it.

OMG. My heart just stopped from cuteness. This is like, some millennial Anne Geddes photography and I am here for it.

It’s also perfect for letting your tiny, four-legged loves take a snooze in it or on top of it.

Ultimately, though, this is the aesthetic we should all aspire to. The Burrito Nap.

There is literally no weekend activity that sounds more appealing than parking it on the couch, completely enveloped inside one of these babies with a heap of guac and chips and a side of Netflix.