Amazon Is Coming For Your Sweet Tooth (And We Are Here. For. It.)

by Sara Farrell Baker

You may or may not be familiar with Amazon Dash Buttons. They’re little devices paired with consumable products you use frequently. The buttons connect over Wi-Fi so that when you are running low or are out of a particular good, you push them, and Amazon sends you more with their Prime shipping.

Usually, these are great for things like paper towels, diapers, or bulk boxes of individually wrapped snacks that are supposed to go in your kids’ lunches, but they keep eating them while they’re home. You stick the button near where you store the product so it’s easy to remember to push it — it’s right there!

But Amazon has also come up with a genius use for their Dash Buttons that isn’t just for making sure you don’t leave the important stuff off the grocery list. It’s the Surprise Sweets Button.


Whenever you’re craving something sweet and delicious, press your Dash Button, and Amazon will send you a surprise box of artisan, small-batch sweets for $18. Included in your box is a tasting card with information on your treats and the company that made them.

Does this sound like a subscription box? It’s not. You can press it whenever you want, as many times as you want. Then sit back and salivate while you wait for your goodies.

And the best part? The button pays for itself in one press. Once you pay $4.99 for your Dash Button, a $4.99 credit is applied the first time you push it.

Free Dash Button? Delicious candy and desserts sent right to your door? What’s not to love?

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