8 Of The Best Reasons To Buy Your New Mattress Online

8 Of The Best Reasons To Buy Your New Mattress Online

September 26, 2017 Updated September 26, 2018

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If your bed is older than the kids currently jumping on it, you definitely need a bed upgrade. But UGH buying a new mattress sucks, right? In real life, there are the pushy salespeople circling you like prey and online there are thousands of reviews of cutesy brands that suggest a cartoon ghost or Prince’s favorite color.

If you’re currently breathing and in need of a new bed yesterday, choosing how to buy a mattress seems like a catch-22 of adulting: You need to do this but you really, really don’t wanna.

We get it, been there.

But we feel pretty confident that even if you’re the kind of indecisive person with 3 million things in shopping carts across the internet, this decision doesn’t have to suck or cost you a fortune. Here are eight of the best reasons to go right ahead and buy your next mattress online.

1. Nope, You Don’t Have to Try It in a Store

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Everyone says you can’t buy something like a mattress online because you’ve got to try it out first. What if it’s uncomfortable or doesn’t work for a side sleeper? Here’s the thing, though: Those display mattress won’t feel anything like the new bed you’ll get because those beds have been broken in by all the OTHER people testing them out. And you’re just not going to learn if a mattress is right for you by lying on it for two minutes while a salesperson stands there watching you.

2. Don’t Read the Reviews Unless You Want to Question Humanity


Try to search “best bed” and it’s all blaring ads and a million reviews that contradict each other. Plus, they’re long, like War and Peace long, and include a level of detail you weren’t asking for or don’t have the time to read. We like Saatva mattresses. Sure, their name may be hard to pronounce, but they’ve been around for a decade and their luxury mattresses are available at affordable prices exclusively online. Using organic cotton, recycled steel, and earth-friendly foams, Saatva designs beds that fit your specific sleep style. They’re a bargain considering what you get.

3. You Can Get Out There and Live Your Life, Not Kill Your Time

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Do you know anyone who bought a mattress during their first trip to the store? Shopping in store adds some serious mileage to your car and slowly murders your life. Plus, there’s the perplexing reality that some chains have the exact same beds but with different names — and at different price points. Confusing, isn’t it? Yes, that’s the entire point, so you’ll end up spending more on something that should actually cost less.

4. You Won’t Have to Run From Salespeople


In an age where we don’t even want to talk on the phone anymore, why would we want to go to a store and deal with a person IRL? And don’t think you can just browse at mattress stores because those salespeople will stalk you through the store until you engage. They are persistent. Like, horror movie persistent.

5. You’ll Need to Think Outside the Box

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Oh look, they fit a whole bed into a box! But have you considered that box still weighs the same? Good luck hauling that thing up two flights of stairs only to be gassed by the unreal stench of all the chemicals it takes to fit a mattress inside a box without a magic wand. And WTF are you supposed to do with your old bed? This is why Saatva rocks our world — you still get that white glove delivery service and your old bed taken away without lifting a finger.

6. You’ve Worked Hard for Dat Money and Want to Keep Most of It

Saving Money

There is literally zero reason to spend $4,000 on a mattress EVER. The truth is, after about the $2,000 price range, all beds are the same. It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that more $$$ equals more comfort and a better bed, but it’s simply not true.

7. You Can Be the Indecisive Person You Are Deep Inside


Sure, most mattress stores allow you to try a bed for 30 days — but then you get hit with the real deal. You’ll still have to get it back to the store or pay return shipping fees, plus they’ll probably charge you a hefty penalty fee (usually a percentage of the price). The bed-in-a-box folks will take returns for a little bit longer, but they still won’t pick it up. With Saatva, you get FOUR MONTHS to try out the bed and they’ll pick it up if you decide to return it.

8. When All You Want in the Damn World Is a Good Night’s Sleep Already

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As moms, we’re already short on sleep so why would we choose to make the small amount of rest we do get suck. We deserve to be as well-rested as everyone else in the family. So go ahead and hit that “buy” button because the only thing you’ll have on your to-do list once that new mattress arrives is namastay in bed.

Saatva has been offering luxurious, handcrafted mattresses exclusively online for 10 years. With mattresses perfectly crafted to fit your specific sleep style, you can expect your new mattress to be hand-delivered, leaving you no boxes to dispose of or foam to unroll. Begin your journey to sleep enlightenment today at saatva.com.