Meme Mocks The Idea That You Should Have Twice Your Yearly Salary Saved By Age 35

by Valerie Williams
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‘By the age of 35’ Tweets are the funniest thing you’ll see this week

The latest meme to take Twitter by storm is the result of some scary financial advice. An article from MarketWatch came out earlier this year about how much money a person should have saved by age 35 — and it’s a laughably large amount that most of us Xllennials are nowhere close to having set aside. Naturally, once the internet got hold of the ridiculously unattainable (for most normal people) financial goal, it was turned into a positively golden meme that will definitely make you feel better about your sad bank account.

The article states that you should have twice your yearly salary in savings by age 35. Like, not even two paychecks, two whole years worth of money. LOL FOREVER. I’m lucky to have twice the price of a 20-piece chicken nugget in savings at the age of 36, so no — this is not a thing I can do. Luckily, it appears I’m not alone as these amazing “by the age of 35” tweets handily prove.

The “goals” ranged from the instantly recognizable and relatable…

…to the hilariously imaginative.

Even the Monterey Bay Aquarium got in on the trend with a 35 goal I’d love to meet.

But back to total and complete relatability. This one’s so real I feel personally attacked.

OK never mind, this one feels like an attack. You can pry my emoji from my cold, old-lady hands.

Back to things I can realistically do, like fill all of my available storage space with shit I don’t need but also can’t ever part with.

*slowly points to creaky left knee*

I started doing the password reset shuffle at least eight years ago, so I guess I’m an overachiever.

I have literally stopped in my tracks before to add up the years and make sure I’m the age I think I am, so yes, I feel seen.

Every. Damn. Time.

Why ever bother trying to figure this out when Gwen provides us with such a handy device for remembering?

You mean, it wasn’t?!

Sounds about right.

Yet again, I overachieve.

Not to mention, how much those six lipsticks cost and someday, you might really make red work.

But at least we have this tidbit to soothe our souls.

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