Summer Camp Is Way Too Chill After Kids Find Dead Body In The Woods

by Madison Vanderberg

Camp directors release extremely nonplussed “letter to parents” after kids find a dead body in the woods

Kids staying at Camp Lenox in Becket, Massachusetts this week found a dead body as they were collecting wood for a fire. I can only imagine how shocking and traumatizing this might be for those kids, but in a weird twist, the camp released a statement to parents about the ordeal calling it only a “strange, but true event” and said the kids who found the body were totally fine! Weird, but ok!

According to an email from camp directors Richard and Stephanie Moss to parents (that was shared with local paper The Eagle), “a counselor and 3 of our oldest campers were in the woods at the border of camp and private property collecting wood for a big event called ‘Rope Burn.’ As they were collecting wood, they accidentally came upon the remains of a human body that appeared to have died quite a while ago. The boys and staff member came to us, reported what they saw, and we contacted to the local police to investigate this matter.” State police spokesman David Procopio also confirmed in an email to The Eagle that the man may have died by suicide.

So how did the camp address this horrific accident, you might be wondering?

By writing a letter to parents that was the equivalent of someone saying, “everybody just be cool.”

Calling the incident a “strange but true event,” the camp leaders said they talked to the kids after they found the dead body and deduced that “at this point, they seem emotionally stable and excited to be in color war.” Oh fantastic, so glad the camp isn’t going to let that poor man’s death ruin their chances to host “color war.”

I can’t even imagine how this conversation went down:

Camp: “I’m so sorry you found a dead body, on a scale of 1-10 how traumatized are you?”

Kids: “Uhmmm…” Camp: “Wait, don’t answer that…do you want to keep doing the color war?” Kids: “Sure??” Camp: “Fantastic! I’ll send out the press release now!”


All respect to the deceased, but what is up with these camp leaders? The internet had some thoughts about it too.

“Sorry your kids found a dead body in the woods but dont’ worry, they’re emotionally stable enough for Color War,” someone on Twitter wrote.

“Excellent use of the positivity sandwich. Camp is buzzing for color war! –> We did find a horribly decomposed dead body –> Get excited for color war!” read another A+ tweet.

“The letter written to the campers’ families is priceless!” said another.

What a horrifying experience and what a bonkers way for that camp to describe it. Wild.