Need A Few Minutes Of Peace? See If Your Kids Can Solve This Panda Puzzle

by Maria Guido
Originally Published: 

Can you find the panda in this puzzle?

Remember those stands they used to have in malls where you stared at the two dimensional poster for what felt like an eternity until a three-dimensional image popped out at you? The 2015 version of that is circulating wildly around the internet right now, driving everyone insane.

Except this time, you’re not trying to find a three-dimensional scene — you’re just trying to find a cute, little panda. A cute, little panda that will drive you absolutely, freaking insane because he’s so hard to find. It’s like a holiday version of Where’s Waldo, except 1000 times harder.

Here’s the image. You’ve been warned.

Hungarian comic artist Gergely Dudas, also known as the Dudolf, has taken the internet by storm with his clever illustration. The post has been shared over 150,000 times, with some commenting that they see it immediately and other commenting that they’re basically pulling their hair out.

Are you one of those people who sees it immediately? Keep it to yourself. The rest of us are convinced the little panda does not exist. Until we see him. Then we’re wondering how we could have been so unbelievably blind. Once you find the panda, he cannot be unseen.

Need to wrap some presents? Need to send some emails? Need five freaking minutes of peace? Place your kid in front of the computer and hope he’s not one of those people who sees the little panda immediately. If you are at the point where you need to know the answer, Today has an interactive visual that reveals the cute little sucker.

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