Cardi B's New Series 'Cardi Tries' Is The Laugh You Need RN

by Valerie Williams

Cardi B’s new web series will educate you and have you laughing hysterically all at once

Cardi B is a lot more than a rapper — she’s pretty much a nonstop delight. Hilarious, intelligent, ridiculously talented, and always willing to be very real, we’ve long adored Kulture’s momma for being exactly who she is, without apology. That’s why her new series from Facebook Messenger is very welcome as 2021 kicks off — it’s 100 percent the laughter you need in your life right now.

The first episode is Cardi trying ballet, and holy smokes, only watch if you aren’t trying to eat or drink something because the laughter will be a hazard to your health. Famed choreographer Debbie Allen asks, “Have you done ballet before?” and Cardi casually drops, “…well I used to be a stripper…” GOLD.

Cardi might be the master (mistress?) of the twerk and her WAP dancing is internet legend, but ballet proved to be a bit of a challenge. At one point, the rapper quips, “there was no ballet class in the Bronx,” but she certainly didn’t let a lack of experience stop her from trying.

Which brings us to Cardi’s good ol’ college try at making sushi. To sum it up, I’ll quote Cardi herself — “Chef Val was so mad that I kept eating the food. But what can I say the food taste good.” Not a single one of us can blame her.

Decider aptly refers to the series as reminiscent of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie’s early 2000s gem of a reality show The Simple Life. Cardi is known for being hysterically funny, so as joyous as it was watching Hilton and Richie mess up various jobs and tasks, watching Cardi do it is arguably even more entertaining.

Trying basketball with the Trailblazers’ Damian Lillard was as adorable as it was hilarious. Cardi jokingly takes issue with learning the sport among a bunch of kids, as though her playing level is that beginner, but she quickly sees just how much is involved. Not to mention, she was doing it all with those epic nails, and at one point, she might have broken one off. Ouch.

Cardi tries stunt driving, but at first, she merely wanted to learn how to drive, as she doesn’t know her. She jokes that she wanted Offset to teach her but that he wouldn’t have the patience, so she’s giving it a shot with a friend, who just happens to be Michelle Rodriguez of Fast & Furious fame. Yeahhhh — she should’ve known straight away that this wasn’t going to be learning to parallel park, but the surprises are what make this series so delightful.

Whatever the job, Cardi gamely gives it a shot, and that’s why we love her. She’s humble, funny, totally fine with constructive criticism, and clearly in awe of the talents of every expert teaching her something new. If you didn’t think it possible to love this smart, hilarious, talented woman more, think again.