Cardi Relaxes And Lets Out Her Adorable Belly In Latest Vid

by Valerie Williams
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Cardi B Shows How Her Body Really Looks After Joking About Sucking In Her Stomach
Cardi B/Instagram

Cardi B shared a bikini shot and followed up with a video where she let her cute belly show

Cardi B is super smoking hot, ok? She’s a mom and a complete boss when it comes to her chart-topping career. She’s also insanely intelligent and politically active, never afraid to speak her mind on issues that matter to her. Cardi takes that honesty across the board, TBH — and she showed it this week when she let followers see her (gorgeous) body when she’s not sucking it in a little for bikini photos.

The rapper took to Instagram on Tuesday with a ridiculously sexy bikini pic along with the extremely real caption, “I suck the shit out my stomach for this.”

Cardi followed up that post with a video proving her claim. “Suck it in life,” she wrote in the caption next to a video of her letting her (adorable) stomach out.

Honestly, bravo. With our Insta feeds constantly full of the illusion of perfection it can be tough to remember that that’s all it is — an illusion. And that having a tummy is not only sexy, it’s totally normal.

Aside from the fact that there is literally nothing wrong with having flesh on your abdomen, it’s nice to see a celebrity being honest about how bodies really work. No matter how fit or small anyone is, it is utterly normal and beautiful to have fat rolls or a belly. We all have fat. It’s part of what our bodies are made of and no one really has a super flat stomach, so that unrealistic ideal can die in a fire. What Cardi is showing in this vid is sexy, real, and completely normal.

When she’s not sharing body positivity gems, Cardi is just a mom trying to get her busy toddler to stand still for just one freaking photo. Relatable.

She’s also been incredibly busy lately helping raise funds for people effected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Basically, Cardi is mom goals, body positivity goals, and humanity goals. During these uncertain times, her honest voice is exactly what we need.

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